"Poof!" The panther scratched a paw on his back. A burst of burning pain came, Li Tian breathed a sigh of relief, saw a pool in front of him, pounced on it, and plunged into the water like a dive. All of a sudden, my head hit the bottom of the pool, and I was confused. Fortunately, the bottom of the pool was full of sand. If it were a stone, my head would blossom. The panther's claws crossed Li Tian's head and then scurried to the other side of the pool. A few strands of hair fell from his front paws. There was a sharp pain on his head. Li Tian opened his mouth and a mouthful of water poured in. Quickly shut his mouth, Li Tian shouted angrily in his heart: "Birdman, get out quickly!" "What's the matter, master?" The image of the Blues appeared in Li Tian's mind, with a flattering smile on his face, "Master, what's wrong with this? Is the breath so disordered?" "Cut the crap. A black panther chased me and almost became his food." "Ah, just a leopard." "Oh, shit, get it done." "Master, it takes some time for his subordinates to recover after each condensation of blood. There is no need for a panther to go out.". All right, I'll help the master to subdue it. "How can it be subdued when it already has an owner?" "Then scare it away." Then the panther hovered on the edge of the pool, making a low roar, pulling its claws on the ground, and sliding the stones into the pool. A black ball of energy came out of its mouth. Bang- "The energy ball shot into the pool like lightning, slowed down a lot under the resistance of the water,digital signage screen, and dispersed in front of Li Tian's face.". Li Tian was startled, quickly climbed away, opened his mouth and drank a mouthful of water, in the heart angry tunnel: ", do it quickly!" "It's the master!" Blues see Li Tian angry, also dare not again cheeky smile, the figure soon disappeared from Li Tian's mind. Li Tian felt a surge of heat rising from the Dantian and soon filled his whole body. It's so hot. With a loud cry, Li Tian stepped forward and jumped out of the water. Seeing this,temperature screening kiosk, the panther roared and was about to pounce. Li Tian fell to the other side of the pool, suddenly turned his head, his eyes flashed two red lights, and stared at the panther mercilessly, "Come on, I'll destroy you!" At this moment, Li Tian's whole body was steaming hot, his eyes were red, and his murderous look soared to the sky. Like a demon king, he pounced on the panther with his bare hands, forgetting his fear. Panther Leng Leng, "Wu" to a lament, turned and fled. Don't run! Li Tian shouted and ran after him. Chasing a few meters away, Li Tian woke up, how did Lao Tzu become so brave? Depend on, unexpectedly staged a scene of naked men chasing panthers, fortunately no one saw, information kiosk price ,smart whiteboard price, put on clothes first. Pick up the clothes thrown on the ground to put on, look down to see the girl's clothes, then pick it up, a faint fragrance into the nose, so comfortable ah. Then a pink thing fell down. Li Tian picked it up and saw that it was a pair of pink underwear, silky hollowed-out, soft and comfortable. He couldn't help smelling it under his nose, with a faint ambiguous smell in the delicate fragrance. "Hey, hey." Li Tian sent out a bad laugh, turned over the clothes in his hands, found a pink underwear, groped in his hands, looked down and smelled the fragrance above, sounded the scene he had seen before, the two strong jade peaks had been wrapped in this cloth. The pink bra was constantly deforming in her hands, and Li Tian had an ambiguous smile on her face, as if kneading the two plump jade peaks. Roar- "The roar of the panther came from the upper reaches.". Li Tian suddenly woke up and looked at the deformed bra in his hands, wondering when Lao Tzu had become so wretched. Forget it, or leave here early, otherwise the girl is really hard to deal with, do you want to kill the beautiful woman like flowers and jade? Some reluctantly threw the bag of clothes on the ground, Li Tian ran forward two steps, suddenly stopped, walked back with a bad smile, bent down to pick up the pink underwear into his arms, and hung the pink bra on a branch from the shore.
"Hey, I'm a hooligan. What can you do to me?" Li Tian bad smile, on the earth when Lao Tzu is a small hoodlum, also did not do less to steal chickens and dogs molest little girls, now is just to restore the nature of self. Having done all this, Li Tian laughed twice and ran downstream. He couldn't help singing proudly: "Sister, you go forward boldly.." "Smelly hooligans." Dead lady-killer. Hearing the faint voice of Li Tian, the girl pouted angrily and scolded that her body had been looked at so brazenly by a man for a while, and she was so ashamed that she didn't know where he came from, but Xiaohei didn't find him. The girl's name is Elena, and she's the president of the Porter Chamber of Commerce, Jacob. Porter's little girl. Having been spoiled since childhood, she had never encountered such a thing, so although it was only a glimpse of shock, she had firmly remembered Li Tian's appearance in her mind. When she thought of the dangling thing under his crotch, she could not help blushing, thinking that Miss Ben caught you and must smash that ugly thing. Hum.. It's all your fault! Elena angrily slapped the head of the panther under her crotch. Fortunately, there were extra clothes in the space ring, otherwise it would be miserable. "What's wrong with you, Blackie?"? You are listless. Hurry up and take me after that rascal. The panther whined twice, carrying Elena reluctantly to chase downstream, Li Tian's murderous eyes, so that it felt as afraid as facing a powerful Warcraft, but the master's orders can not be disobeyed, it had to control the speed to run downstream, so as not to catch up with the terrible human. Blackie, what's the matter with you? Elena wondered,face detection android, "Is it sick?"? Looking up, there was a pink underwear dangling from a branch in front of him, which looked familiar.