My mind was all focused on the earth-shaking killing move just now, and the breath in my body could not help concentrating on the Piao Dao in my hand. The blade of the Piao Dao suddenly burst into a point of light. Although it was still inferior to the man in the scene, the point of light was frantically absorbing the breath in my body. "With a shout of my anger, the point of light suddenly broke away from the blade and hit the vine at the mouth of the cave." The sound of "crackling" was heard all the time, and there was a glimmer of light in front of my eyes. Four or five vines had been blown apart, and the whole hole was full of white juice, which made me feel sick to my stomach. Purple, now! "I quickly put ju in the storage ring, took out the kindling and powder box, and rushed toward the hole, throwing the powder box in the past.". Cannibal rattan deftly dodged the danger of the entrance of the powder box and continued to rush over with a big mouth open. SHIT! "I quickly retreated and returned to the thief, who had motioned to hand over several boxes of gunpowder again. Holding the powder box again rushed to the hole, eyes quickly looked around, ten holes have been tightly surrounded by man-eating vines, each hole has a huge flower in the constant shaking. At the bottom, there are still a lot of man-eating vines and saber-toothed tigers surging forward. There was a loud noise, and the gunpowder box I had just thrown down exploded, which did not seem to cause too much damage to the monster below, but the flames that began to burn were avoided by many man-eating vines, but a large number of man-eating vines eventually covered the flames and were able to move on. Purple,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, quickly move all the wood and powder boxes to the hole, quickly! "I raised my voice to the purple behind me and roared. I took a deep breath, fought to the limit, lit a powder box, and rushed forward quickly to the hole. I touched the edge of my toes and jumped out of thin air at the flower of the man-eating vine.". The cannibal flower finally saw the food coming to the door of its own accord, and happily opened its mouth wide to meet it. Purple, now! "I tried to keep my composure and shouted back my last words.". Volume 2 Shura Troubled Times Chapter 18 Shura Rebirth As soon as I shouted the last word,Heme Iron Polypeptide, the giant flower of the man-eating vine, with its terrible slime hanging everywhere, was in front of me. He lit the gunpowder box in his hand and threw it in the past, just hitting the target, but I had rushed into its mouth uncontrollably. Blood soul! "Purple roared, but it was too late, the cannibal vine had closed its huge petals.". There were two huge crackles, and the huge flower of the man-eating vine was indeed its weakest place. Just now, it was already painful with a knife. It was now or never. I lit another gunpowder box again, and at the same time, I was so angry that I instinctively shrank my whole body together. After all, I have seen the power of this small powder box, and I am not confident that I can resist it. Brother Blood Soul? The little stone was about to rush forward with an exclamation, but was pulled back by the thief. Don't be impulsive! "The thief handed the small stone to a man behind him, Sex Enhancement Powder ,L Methylfolate Factory, and he himself began to rush forward.". Purple had fought back his anger, lit the wood in front of him one by one, and pushed it down. With the help of the dark magic, the anesthetic could not cause any decent interference to him. One by one, the timber, wrapped in the flames of revenge, rushed to the bottom of the valley, igniting a sea of anger. Blood soul? Purple eyes suddenly lit up, the man in the air, who would it be if it wasn't me. My consciousness was blown up by the powder box, and I didn't notice that I was more than ten meters in the air at the moment. For everything that happened just now, except for the moment when the powder box exploded, I felt something shaking in front of me, and then I didn't remember anything. When a breeze blew, I felt a chill on my body. When I looked down, it almost made me want to cry for help. Oh, my God, this. Purple looked at me in horror, frozen in the air, with a flash of surprise in her eyes.
Even with his current strength, it still takes a lot of effort to drive out the dark magic wings, but looking at me at the moment, it seems that there is no effort, that face in addition to surprise, can no longer see any other expression. Stunned for what? Hurry up and set fire! "I finally woke up and shouted to the purple when my eyes touched the sea of fire below and the crazy writhing of the man-eating vine." Uh Purple startled, pushed down another stick, at the same time stabbed a side of the thief handsome in a daze. The latter gave a sharp edge and continued to push the burning stick down. I tried to move my body and found that I could control myself in the air, but there was a voice in my head telling me that if I didn't act quickly, the other ten members of the cave would be buried with the monsters in the valley. "Purple, hurry!" I shouted as I moved toward the cave where the Dragon War was, and the saber frantically attacked the flowers of the man-eating vine, completely ignoring its big mouth full of vomit-inducing mucus. With a knife, the flower of the cannibal vine was finally split by me. Stimulated by the pain, the cannibal vine slid down quickly. The ju knife aimed at the vines at the mouth of the cave and chopped them down one by one. It took a while to cut the vines. Blood Soul! "The figure of the Dragon War appeared in front of me." Are you all right? I stared nervously behind Long Zhan. We're okay here, but I don't know what happened to the brothers in the other caves. Long Zhan gave a wry smile. "If I had come one step later, I'm afraid he would have been the only one who could have escaped from this cave." You continue to set the fire, and purple and I will save the others. Before he had finished speaking, his body had moved away in the air. Long Zhan sighed and could only command the people in his cave to start setting fire, after all, moving in the air, as a dragon man, he did not seem to have the ability. The fire in the valley is more and more prosperous, the vine itself is a kind of plant, now, even with its saber-toothed tiger can not escape the bad luck,Quillaja Saponin, even the chance to escape, can only send out a roar after another, and finally helplessly burned to death in the valley. pioneer-biotech.com