"Why didn't I tell you it was from me?" Lin said to himself, "Because at that time you thought I liked Jono, so you had an opinion about me.". But what I like is you. I tried my best to get that record with great luck. I gave it to you and wanted you to be happy, but you regarded it as a dispensable thing. Lin Ji's voice gradually lowered, his memory was very good, and his feelings at that time were also retained. Lin looked at him sadly, but his voice of reproach was soft. "Shifang, you have gone too far." Xiang Shifang's heart suddenly beat sharply, as if it made his chest tremble, a deep throb, or impulse, to break through the bondage. The urge to do something about Lin. It's just fleeting. Sorry Xiang Shifang said. That's not what I want to hear. Lin muttered in a low voice. Just now Zhao Li said that you had a very difficult time before, and he helped you a lot. Xiang Shifang suddenly talked about this. Lin nodded, "Yes, I might not have survived high school without him." "What about me?" Xiang Shifang asked in a low voice, "Have I ever helped you?" Lin was stunned for a moment, then smiled, his eyes shining with warm and moving light, "I couldn't even afford lunch at that time, so you let me go to your place to get it." Well, the girls brought you snacks. Xiang Shifang is not very satisfied with this, compared to Zhao Li's "efforts to turn the tide", his actions seem insignificant, and even give things to others. And, like this. Lin already held the hand of Xiang Shifang,manganese beneficiation plant, "Shifang, you are the most special existence for me, as long as I look at you and think of you, I can." Survive. Lin already kissed the back of the hand of the next phase. Xiang Shifang's eyes were as deep as a deep pool, staring at Lin Ji. Lin also looked at him, fearlessly approaching and kissing. Lips touch, toss and turn, lingering, Lin is gently sucking the lower lip of the phase,Carbon in Pulp, and then into the tip of the tongue, only in his inner lip sweep. Then he was nibbled down and pressed over from all directions. Lin opened his eyes wide in astonishment, and this was the first time that Xiang Shifang had responded to his kiss. But it was very short, and Lin only felt the tip of his tongue tingling and was swept by another soft one, and the kiss was over. Without waiting for Lin to speak, Xiang Shifang opened the door and got out of the car, and Lin followed him subconsciously. Ten directions! Cried Lin. A meal with the footsteps of the ten directions. Lin stared at his back, the corners of his mouth did not know when to turn up, his heart was beating fast, and his voice was trembling, "Good night." Xiang Shifang nodded and went down. If he didn't get out of the car in time, Lin would have seen the red clouds on both sides of his nose. During the National Day holiday, Lin was able to get away from his busy life. On this day, he stayed at home all day, replenishing his excessive energy and accompanying his aunt who had not been caressed and combed for a long time. He also wanted to ask Xiang Shifang to come over and play with the cat together, but Xiang Shifang had something to do today, so he had to take a rain check. In the afternoon, Lin was lying on the sofa with his aunt in his arms, gold heap leaching ,gold CIP machine, thinking about what to eat tonight, when the phone came. It was Song Liyuan's mother, Li Chan. Sister-in-law Lin picked it up and said, "has Rihara returned home?"? Last time I asked him when he would come back, he didn't tell me. I? If your family gets together, I won't go there, will I? This Well, about seven o'clock. Don't wait for me. Well, thank you, sister-in-law. After hanging up the phone, Lin sighed, and the lazy life of Ah Zhai came to an end. He first went to the mall to buy a gift, and then drove to the Song family. As soon as he entered the door, it was Song Liyuan who opened the door. When Lin saw that his skin had darkened a few degrees, he teased, "Liyuan is like a piece of chocolate." But Song Liyuan said stiffly, "Hello, Uncle Lin." Then he turned back to the living room and sat on the single sofa looking at his mobile phone. Lin was somewhat confused about his attitude. Then Li Chan came over and said with a warm smile, "Since Lin is here, my meal is almost ready. Your brother is still on the way. You sit down first." Lin sent a gift, a beige Gucci windbreaker, Li Chan happily accepted, Lin went to Song Liyuan, took out the gift that belonged to him and opened it, "Here, do you want a gift?".
” Song Liyuan took a quick glance, and t's cold expression was broken. He held it up in surprise, "I've always wanted this pair of AJ!" But domestic can not buy, but also dead expensive, he can not pull down the face and Song Guangfeng for money, Li Chan does not allow him to spend money lavishly. I saw a picture in your circle of friends. I wanted to give you a gift for the beginning of school, but my American friend came to Yongshi after you started school. Lin said. Song Liyuan is holding a shoebox like a baby, and if there is no one next to him, he will definitely kiss him. Now can you tell me the reason why you gave me a look a few minutes ago? Lin asked with a smile. This Song Liyuan's expression was a little embarrassed. At this time, the doorbell rang. Song Liyuan wanted to open the door, but Li Chan in the kitchen was one step ahead of him. After opening the door, the two people in the living room heard Li Chan's intimate and happy voice: "Ruirui is coming. Come in quickly. Is the road particularly blocked?" Lin already looked at the past, the bearer was a long-haired woman, wearing a British style business suit, looking intellectual and capable. Who is this? "My cousin." Just as Song Liyuan was about to introduce him, Li Chan waved to him and said, "Lin, come here quickly." Lin walked over in a daze. This is my niece, Song Rui, and this is Lin Ji. Li Chan introduced, "You two are the same age." Song Rui smiled at Lin, "Hello, I often hear my aunt mention you." This scene, this dialogue, Lin suddenly woke up, the original today Li Chan called him over, is to give him a red line. Chapter 49 "I'm Lin Ji for the first time." Lin Ji's smile is somewhat helpless. Li Chan pulled one hand, took them to the living room, and let them sit on a sofa. When you talk, young people have common topics. Li Chan said cheerfully and turned to his son with a wink,Portable gold trommel, "Li yuan, come and help mom serve the dishes." Song Liyuan reluctantly put down his shoes and went to the kitchen with Li Chan in three steps. There were only two of them left in the living room, and the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.