What Shen Cui had just said, how could he take it back? "Anyway, I don't want you to take care of my business." There is a person like Shen Cui in the world who is walking blindfolded to the edge of the cliff. Others kindly advised her to turn back, but she felt that the person had ulterior motives. But this matter Ji Cheng is just to have a clear conscience, Shen Cui does not listen to advice, she did not rush to be annoying. Besides, this time Ji Cheng really hurt the vitality, even if back to Shen Fu can take good care of himself, but also need time, this period of time she is sick. During this period, Shen Jing and Ji yuan came to visit him together. Naturally, Shen Jing hid all kinds of heartache in his heart and made more progress in his studies. He only hoped that after the next autumn, he could beg his mother to marry Ji Cheng for him. This box Ji Cheng's marriage has not been settled, but Su Yun is ushered in a happy event, her marriage is set, is the youngest son of the Jingwu Hou family, that is, Li Hui's brother Li value. This is really a high marriage, Li's grandmother is Jianping emperor's aunt Zhenping long princess, now her generation of princesses only this old longevity, Jianping emperor usually always respect. It is said that Su Yun's family background is not worthy of Li's value. After all,touch screen whiteboard, the Su family is now in decline. There are no outstanding people in the younger generation, and the older generation is just an unfashionable five-grade official in the local area. But because of the old lady Shen as a guarantor, Su Yun's own appearance in the capital boudoir can also be regarded as top-notch, then by the Zhenping long princess said to Li value. The last time I climbed the Chongyang Mountain, the old lady in Suyu Mountain only ordered Su Yun to accompany her. In fact, she was looking at Li Zhi. Thanks to Su Yun's quiet ability, it was not until the two families changed their posts that everyone knew that her future husband's family was the youngest son of the Marquis of Jingwu. Ji Cheng asked Liu Yeer to open the box and pick up a pair of jade pots and spring vases with lotus pictures and send them to Su Yun as a gift. Because she was still ill and Su Yun was happy, Ji Cheng still needed to avoid some things. Shen Kui came over to see Ji Cheng and saw that her spirit was a little better than the previous two days. "You are obedient to the prescription of Dr. Song. Have you scabbed off the wound on your body?"? Can you leave a mark? Because the one in the palace was afraid that there would be a peculiar smell under the medicine,smart board whiteboard, Ji Cheng found that he would not use it, so the weight of the cream was not large, and then there was the ointment given by Shen Che. Now the scab has come off, and there are traces left on the feet and hands where the dead branches cut deep, but if the color fades over time, it should not be seen if you don't look carefully. Ji Cheng himself didn't take it to heart, but Shen Kui had a pity on his face. "How well you raise your snow meat, not to mention all kinds of spots that ordinary people have, you don't even have a hemorrhoid. It's a pity that you have a scar now. White jade is slightly flawed." Ji Cheng put down his cuff and said, "I won't be able to see it after a while." Shen Kui nodded and reached out to pinch Ji Cheng's palm. "Sister Yun's good thing is settled. It's your turn next. Don't put pressure on yourself in your heart." If changed a few months ago, Ji Cheng's heart will certainly be slightly unfair, but now Ji Cheng's heart to marry is not so strong, there is Shen Che to wear a tight hoop curse in her, maybe she will have to listen to Shen Che's instructions to marry in the future. Ji Cheng did not want to think deeply, put aside the floating thoughts in his mind, smart board touch screen ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, "Sister Yun's good thing has been settled, I can only be happy, Sister Yun need not be afraid of my oversensitive, speak so euphemistically, I listen to strange." Shen Kui laughed out loud, "I know you have always been a generous, not afraid you did not turn the corner for a while to untie you?" "Let my sister take the trouble." Ji Cheng laughed. Shen Kui added, "Although your hands are so slender that even your fingernails are longer than ours, your palms are fleshy. This is a blessing. I didn't say that to coax you." Ji Cheng covered his ears and said, "Good sister, please spare me. Your own good days are near, and your sister Yun has come to an end, so you come to make trouble for me."? I think you should think more about your younger sister and your fifth sister. "You're older than both of them. What are they worried about? You're such a talented person that you can't match at random. It's a pity to end up in the world.".
"Shen Kui's words are like this, but in fact she is not selfish, Ji Cheng again, is it better than Shen Kui and her kiss?"? Shen Kui is a fall at the foot of the town of Chu, but Shen Kui how smart people, early to see the town of Chu's heart are tied to Ji Cheng, can not say or have to let Ji Cheng things settled down first, as soon as possible the idea of Chu town is good, so as not to spoil the feelings between sisters. As for Shen Kui's marriage, although Shen Kui can care about it, he has no right to talk about it. There are old ladies and princesses above, so Shen Kui only hopes that Ji Cheng's affairs can be settled first. Ji Cheng secretly wondered that Shen yuan was usually dignified, and that her sisters occasionally joked about these men and women, and that she mostly shouted to stop. Today, she said this for no reason, although it was to appease herself, but I'm afraid there were other meanings. Chapter 101 benefit more. Ji Cheng that belly curved field, but thought for a moment to understand the meaning of Shen Kui, her heart wry smile, Shen Kui did not say, she can not rush to say that she has no intention of Chu town, right? After Shen Kui left, Ji Cheng felt bored when he thought of these men and women, and he might as well read a few account books to refresh himself. And because she slept a lot during the day, instead of sleeping at night, she simply let Nangui take her through the secret passage to the secret room below the nine-mile courtyard. The secret room that now belongs exclusively to Ji Cheng is quite different from the crudeness of the past. On that day, Shen Che asked Ji Cheng to arrange the secret room according to his own preferences, but Ji Cheng did not ask for it. She thought that she would probably settle down here from time to time, so she carefully drew the drawings and gave them to Nan Gui to arrange. Today, Ji Cheng is the first time to see this arrangement after the "Snow Night Lanyue Zhai.". Lanyue Zhai is still empty, only according to Ji Cheng's arrangement, laid a thick, wide snow-white blanket. In fact, Ji Cheng was just drawing a picture in a fit of pique at that time. Such a big long blanket was very rare, but unexpectedly it was really found by Nan Gui. Of course,smart interactive whiteboard, there must be a sign from Shen Che. There was a small natural table on the blanket, with a lazy shelf on the side, and a big soft pillow with dark green embroidered jade lotus petals on the shelf.