The cold wind of late autumn immediately retreated and was about to turn sideways when his right foot suddenly changed direction and kicked on the left face of the cold wind of late autumn. A black light fell on the body of the cold wind in late autumn, and he quickly retreated out of the attack range of Wudao. Blood demon saw the cold wind in late autumn and the fight between Wudao, eyebrows a pick, Wudao is undoubtedly one of the people who won the true biography of Nie Yan, whether offensive or defensive, with Nie Yan are very similar. Just such a short contact, the gap between the cold wind in late autumn and Wudao is already obvious, and many of the actions of Wudao are beyond the reach of Silver Wing. The degree of self-chalking of Shadow Dance is far greater than that of Silver Wing. Boss Wudao, you break through quickly, and we will cover you out. Hui Ming said aside. The crowd looked at Wudao and others and waited for their instructions. Heaven, Jiangnan, Wufeng, you three go first, and I will stay with the frog in distress. Wudao looked around and said that they were thieves. "Even if they were in danger, they had a chance to run away, but as warriors and mages, it would be very dangerous if they were surrounded." It depends. Heaven said,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, the Knights of the Blood Demon are staring at them. "How difficult it is for them to run away.". Before they could discuss it, the Knights of the Blood Devil rushed up and the battle began immediately. Wudao and others faced several times their opponents and fell into a bitter battle. Two double swordsmen came over from both sides, looking at the light of the sword like a meteor, without a few wrong steps, trying to avoid their attack, a light of the sword suddenly changed direction and fell down. Wudao turned over and flashed. Poof! One of the two swordsmen crossed Wudao's right rib with a sword. More than five thousand damage floated on Wudao's head. It was a quick attack. Wudao was frightened and quickly swept out five or six yards. This was the first time he had fought with two swordsmen. He was startled by the terrible attack speed of two swordsmen. On the other side, the blood demon and Wufeng had already fought and fought together. Rage chop! The blood demon gave a loud shout and fell down with a sword. Without a sharp edge,Glass Cosmestic Containers, the two big swords collided with each other. Blood demon a blow is over "is a sword cut down, powerful sword potential, so that no front retreat.". In terms of talent attributes, Wufeng is stronger than Blood Demon, but Blood Demon is equipped too well, and in terms of technology, it is also slightly stronger than Wufeng. Wufeng soon fell into decline. Seeing that Wufeng and others were trapped in a tight encirclement, the elegy of the knights outside, the happy hermit, the black and white, and others came with seventy or eighty players from the Niu people tribe to support them. Although the Niu people tribe suffered heavy casualties, it also maintained a balanced trend for the time being. Wudao, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, Black Paradise and others saw reinforcements coming from outside and stepped up their offensive. Let's rush out! Wudao said in the team chat. Blood demon knights this gang of guys is really strong, and each member of the team with a very tacit understanding, if continue to consume, the presence of all the players of the cattle tribe may be consumed, so they have to quickly retreat! After more than ten minutes of fighting, the top professional players in the Niu Man tribe were still alive, but there were about twenty other players killed or wounded, and one of the Blood Demon Knights was hung up, and the scene was still very chaotic. The reason why there are no casualties in the top professions of the Niu people tribe is that the black heaven is the greatest credit. With his treatment, the Niu people tribe did not collapse all of a sudden. Black Heaven kept waving his staff, and a mass healing fell. These guys are really tough. The dark shadow said in the team chat. Under the intensive magic attacks, people such as Wudao and Black Paradise can use evasive skills such as wind step and twinkle to avoid more than 90% of the attacks, which is simply unimaginable in the Demon tribe. You are all optimistic about the skills of these top professional players! The blood demon said in the team chat that today is the first time they have played against the top professional players who are good and orderly. (To be continued) Chapter seven hundred and eighty-seven. The Blood Demon wants them to learn more about the skills of a good and orderly top professional player. Avoid future losses. Wu Shi retreated quickly, retreating twenty or thirty yards, dodging the attack of the blood demon, and suddenly charged at the other silver wings. Stop him!. As soon as the blood demon's voice fell, the two soldiers rushed up to Wufeng.
See no front footsteps a meal, two soldiers too fast, simply can not adapt to this sudden speed change, and no front by mistake. Wufeng accelerated again and rushed out like an arrow. The comprehensive quality of these top professional players surprised the blood demon, especially the healing ability of Black Heaven, which almost doubled the strength of the whole team, an ordinary player of more than 130 levels. With his healing and blessing, his ability is only slightly inferior to that of a group of silver wings, and two people can get a silver wing stuck. And the black heaven kept flashing, so they couldn't catch him at all. Seeing that Wufeng and others were about to rush out of the tight encirclement, the grey Ming passed by at a high speed and stopped about five or six yards away from the black heaven. Heaven boss, watch out for those two black elf thieves! Huimin hurriedly said, and his eyes fluttered a little. Black Heaven's eyes locked on the two black elf thieves not far away, with a slight sneer at the corners of his mouth, and it was impossible for the two of them to threaten him. A black elf thief rushed from the flank. Heaven boss, I block him for you! Huiming threw himself at it. Black Heaven is about to retreat, the situation is suddenly a little wrong, because the direction of the movement is not the black elf thief, he is surprised and angry, is about to use flash to escape. The body was suddenly unable to move, and the black elf thief locked the black heaven. The dagger in Hui Ming's hand suddenly struck a dull blow. Plunge into the back of Black Heaven's head. The distance between the black heaven and the grey is only about two yards, and suddenly encounter such a change. Black Heaven had no time to react, and with a dull bang,30ml Dropper Bottle, Black Heaven was stunned. The players of the Niu Ren tribe were shocked by such a change, and they really didn't expect that the Grey Ming would strike back. Grey Ming, you are a piece of garbage. Wudao and others cursed angrily. Save the heaven boss! 。 penghuangbottle.com