What I felt was a hand, a hand with long knuckles. The fingers are cold, the pulp of the fingers is slightly rough, but the back of the hand is very smooth, like a good silk. I felt jumpy, but that didn't stop me from touching it again, confirming that it was really a hand. At that moment, the familiar playful voice came from my ear, "Eighteen, have you touched enough?" Silver sculpture, silver sculpture! "Why are you here? Where are you?" I looked around, in addition to the night sky overhead, is surrounded by a curtain of rain, silver sculpture where he is? "Eighteen, you don't know how much Aura I spent to keep you out of the rain." After a pause, he added, "isn't it beautiful?" I took a breath and propped myself up, and my excitement turned to silence. "Actually, you just need to give me an umbrella." "Isn't it beautiful?" Seeing that I didn't answer his question,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, he continued to ask persistently. I shriveled and was about to open my mouth when I heard him hiss and the rain fell down again. I was unprepared and was made angry by the sudden drop. I said silver plastic, you should not be the finger back to do the action of hiss, the next to rely on your divine power to forget it? A thunderbolt completely covered what I had just said. I was about to repeat it when I suddenly found that the rain on my head had disappeared again. A white dress appeared in front of me. There was a faint halo on my head to isolate the rain curtain. There was a low rebuke in my ear, "Cheng Xue, why can't you do anything?" I am slightly stupefied, is the God king. Then I continued to be lifted up by him in a dull way. His clothes were clean, but because he helped me,best green coffee bean extract, he was stained with a lot of water. When I got up, my legs were a little weak, and I stumbled and fell into his arms. My heart was miserable, and I was sure to be thrown away. The result was unexpected that the God did not want to throw me away, but let me lean against him. The warm body made me approach greedily, and I felt really tired. There was another crash of thunder, and I shivered. A hand on my back, gently patted twice, warm voice sounded in the ear, with a faint breath, he said, "Cheng Xue, don't be afraid." --------------- By the way, pumpkin seed extract ,turmeric extract powder, I'm Calvin. By the way, I really struggle with resentment. In other words, I need to comment, see the children's shoes are surfaced, I resent that there is no mood code words. You don't know how pessimistic I am now. 022: I am not a child. After the rain, the blue sky was washed white, and the morning glow dyed the whole mountain forest with a layer of pink Rouge. I glanced at the God who was collecting firewood not far away, and suddenly felt that it was too unreasonable to let the God do these mundane things, but even if it was collecting firewood, the posture of the God bending down was so elegant. I shook my head and sat on the bluestone while stretching my legs and looking at him. The God was grilling fish. I drank almost all the water. Although my stomach was full, my heart was hungry. The God waved to me, and I went over and took the delicious fish. God. Jingge, what a waste! I tried my best to keep the image of a lady and bit the fish. I took a glance at the God who had half a fish in his hand but made a gesture to throw it away. I accused him seriously. God nodded, smiled faintly, and handed me half of the fish in his hand. His smile was very shallow, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, like a small jasmine flower blooming there. ---------- Thanks to the heavy rain, I was now able to follow the God openly. I had always thought that the God had chosen such a way to find those monsters, but he just thought that the continuous mountain scenery was very beautiful, so I asked him, "How beautiful is the mountain?"? I don't think so. Shen Jun smiled, "If you fly in the sky and see the vast and lofty Xiling Mountains surrounded by clouds and mists at your feet, your mind will become broader, which is conducive to spiritual practice." "But if you're not flying, how can you feel it in the mountains?" The God's expression stagnated, and there was a suspicious red mark on his face. I said to him, "So you lied to me.".
” The God looked at me, raised his eyebrows slightly, and then left without saying a word. I hurried to follow him. It is said that there are many monsters in the west, but now I have followed the God for seven or eight days, but I haven't met any of them. The only spiritual animal is a snow-white rabbit. Seeing the rabbit, I swallowed my saliva almost instinctively. Following the God, I had a good appetite. I was tired of eating fish and wanted to eat rabbit meat. The rabbit was not afraid of people and rubbed against my feet. I bent down and touched its head. What I wanted was to strangle it and give it to the God to peel and roast. Cheng Xue, do you like rabbits? God asked me with a gentle voice and a smile. I stroked the rabbit's head and laughed twice. "Ha, I like it. The rabbit is fat and white. It's so cute." I pulled the rabbit's hairball tail and pulled it off my vamp. It jumped over again. I moved slowly and drew my feet behind him. The rabbit squatted on the vamp of the God's shoes. I held back my smile. I don't know if the rabbit would urinate on the God's feet. I have never liked the inside of birds and animals. This rabbit is cute, but I still don't like it. As a result, the God bent down to pick up the rabbit, curved his eyebrows and eyes, gently touched the rabbit's head with his fingers, and handed it to my arms. I'm in tears. I hate anything hairy. The rabbit rubbed around in my arms, I felt my whole body stiff, the smile on my face was probably worse than crying,jujube seed powder, but God's eyes fell on us so gently that I couldn't muster up the courage to throw the rabbit out, so I had to freeze there and turn into my original shape-a piece of hard wood. The rabbit is so cute. Jingge, would you like a hug? 。