Yu Fu said, "The master, Yu Yiqi, and Yu Zhaoshan were originally brothers of the same clan, but the Yu brothers were treacherous by nature and were far less bold and unconstrained than the master. The three of them knew a woman at the same time, and that was the mistress. Under no circumstances would the mistress marry any of the Yu brothers. Soon she married the master, and the Yu brothers held a grudge over this." Extremely want to kill the master but hate, but on the surface, they are still perfunctory and the master, the master naturally will not suspect him, but the mother is careful, repeatedly reminded the master to alienate the Yu brothers, who knows the Yu brothers still do not give up, several times do everything possible to harm, are saved by the master, so that the two ferocious face has been completely exposed, they first only hate the master. Even the mother and even the old slave hated it! Yu Youliang gnashed his teeth and said, "These two guys are too cruel!" Yu Fu nodded and said, "Who says it isn't?"? Since they do everything possible to kill the master and the mother, a movement in the brain, they think of the left old son, because the left old son and they have old,euro plastic pallet, but also close to the master, the Yu brothers use a thing to move the old left son, then the old left son pretended to visit the mother and the master, talk about his good'invisible poison ', the master and the mother that will think of a good friend will lay hands on him. When they found out that they had both been poisoned, the Yu brothers also came at this time, and the three joined hands to kill the master and the mother! Yu Youliang said angrily, "If I don't avenge myself, I'll be a man in vain." "Young master,plastic pallet supplier," said Yu Fu with a sigh, "their more vicious ways are yet to come." "Go on," said Yu Youliang. Yu Fu said, "After they killed the master and the mistress, they knew that the master and the mistress were quite chivalrous outside. Once they were discovered, they were afraid that the public would be angry. So after discussion, they set fire to the house and completely killed and destroyed the corpse." "Where were you then?" Asked Yu Youliang. Yu Fu said, "The old slave was ordered by his master's mother to go to the Tianshan Mountains to collect herbs. When he came back, the fire was raging. The old slave rushed to the fire cave and saw his master and his mother lying on the ground covered with blood. The old slave rescued his master's mother. Unfortunately, they had already left, so the old slave found a place nearby to bury his master and his mother and pretended not to know anything about it." As a matter of fact, the old slave had already seen that the master and the mother were first poisoned by the'shadowless poison 'before they were killed. That's why I found Zuo Laoer's Luoying Pagoda. After careful observation, I found what the Yu brothers and Zuo Laoer had done! When Yu Youliang heard this, he hurriedly prostrated himself to the ground. "Please accept my obeisance, old man, plastic pallet manufacturer ,drum spill containment," he said. Yu Fu exclaimed, "The old slave has no virtue and no ability. He has been worshipped by the young master." "Otherwise," said Yu Youliang, "when my father and mother died, if the old man hadn't buried their corpses, they would surely have died violently. It seems that this great kindness is not worth worshipping." Yu Fu said in a mournful voice, "As a servant of the Yu family, the old slave is a member of the Yu family. The master's mother has suffered misfortune. It is his duty to bury the corpse of the servant. How dare he accept the worship of the young master?" "Both of you have a point," said Yan Baibo. "Let's pay our respects." Yu Youliang a worship, Yu Fu hurriedly returned a worship, in fact, this is not two people accept Yan Baibo's words, but all a sincere action.
Yu Youliang said, "Old man, the facts are clear at the moment. But I still have a few things to figure out. I have to ask the old man for advice." "I dare not," said Yu Fu. "Please give me your orders." Yu Youliang said, "Just now the old man said that Zuo Laoer didn't want to take part in the killing of his parents. It was the Yu brothers who lured him with an object. Zuo Laoer was moved. But I don't know what this object is." Yu Fu pointed to the bead on Yu Youliang's head and said, "This is the bead!" Yu Youliang was stunned and said, "This pearl is very ordinary. How can it be so attractive?" Yu Fu said with a smile, "Young master, don't belittle this pearl. In fact, this pearl has a very long history. The person who has this pearl can command the world and become the leader of the Wulin generation." When Yan Baibo heard this, he quickly looked at the bead on Yu Youliang's head and exclaimed, "This bead is plain. How can it have such great power?" Yu Fu sighed, "You two are so young that you don't know the origin of this pearl. Naturally, you have to look at it as an ordinary thing. In fact, this pearl is owned by a senior strange man. Speaking of this strange man, the old slave can't say another thing." "Does this have anything to do with that strange man?" Asked Yu Youliang. Yu Fu nodded and said, "Of course it does!" After a pause, he added, "One year, the leaders of the eight sects gathered in Emei. Because Jianghu was in chaos at that time, they discussed recommending an outstanding leader of the Wulin Alliance to uphold justice. But the eight of them all felt that they were not qualified to be the leader of a generation, so they could not find a suitable candidate." Yan Baibo said with a slight movement in his heart, "Someone should have come forward later." "Yes," said Yu Fu, "but not eight of them!" "Then who is it?" Asked Yan Baibo. "Just when they were in a deadlock," said Yu Fu, "a middle-aged gentleman suddenly appeared opposite. He had been standing outside for three days without opening his mouth. The disciple guarding the gate of Emei asked him what was the matter? He did not speak, but drew the word'one 'with his hand on the ground. "What on earth is he going to do?" Yan Baibo asked in amazement. "No one knew what he was going to do at that time," said Yu Fu? The disciple of Emei had no choice but to report this strange incident to the leaders of the eight factions who were gathering. The leaders of the eight factions were curious and came out. "What can I do for you, benefactor?" The Shaolin Master asked. Who would have thought that the middle-aged gentleman still did not speak, but only drew a "one" on the ground. Finally, the head of Emei realized it and said, "Almsgiver, do you want to fight with us?" "This is a mysterious question. You should know that since the middle-aged gentleman has no quarrel with them, why should he fight with them?" "Yes," said Yan Baibo. Yu Fu paused for a moment and then added, "Who would have thought that the middle-aged gentleman would nod his head when he heard this. The head of the Eight Schools could not help changing color on his face. He thought to himself that we had no quarrel with you. Why did you come to fight with us?"? Everyone wanted to ignore him, but when they saw the man standing there and never wanted to go,plastic wheelie bins, the eight people discussed again, and finally pushed the head of Huashan Mountain out to try with the man, but the head of Huashan Mountain failed in one move! "Is he so good at martial arts?" Asked Yan Baibo. 。