Original title: Current development status of titanium tube! Titanium tube is made of titanium and titanium alloy coil or wide plate by rolling and welding. Due to the constraints of raw materials, processing technology and many other factors, the development of titanium tube in China started late compared with other titanium processing products, and the early progress is slow. At that time, all the raw materials for the production of titanium welded pipes in China were imported, which could not provide the strip billets needed for thin-walled titanium welded pipes, and the price of titanium pipes abroad was high, which affected the production of titanium pipes in China. In the past ten years, China's titanium tube industry has developed rapidly,titanium round bar, and the production technology of titanium sheet has made a major breakthrough. The technical performance indicators and quality stability of cold and hot rolled titanium sheet can meet the requirements of titanium sheet. Since 2008, a number of titanium tube production lines have been built in China. With the expansion of titanium tube production capacity and the slowdown of industry development, the competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. The application field of titanium pipe is constantly expanding, and it has become a substitute for stainless steel pipe,3d titanium wire, copper-nickel pipe and titanium seamless pipe in many industries. With the deepening of people's understanding of titanium tube, the application of titanium tube in petrochemical industry will be recognized by the market, and its application scope and market share will continue to expand. Compared with the common fluid transmission pipeline, the titanium pipe has a larger investment, but its cost is lower than that of the titanium seamless pipe. The analysis is made from the two aspects of service life and maintenance cycle. It can make up for the investment of using titanium welded pipe in the pipeline system, reduce the number of periodic maintenance, shorten the shutdown time, titanium tubing price ,titanium sheet grade 5, improve the product quality, prolong the service life of the pipeline, and thus reduce the production cost. Especially in recent years, the global titanium industry is depressed, the competition is very fierce, the price of titanium pipe has been at a low level, and the cost of choosing titanium welded pipe pre-assembly equipment for petrochemical enterprises in the petrochemical industry is low. To introduce Baoji Changli Special Metal Co., Ltd., Changli Special Metal, the company's new site is located in China's Titanium Valley-Baoji High-tech Zone. The company is a high-tech private enterprise integrating the production, processing, sales and research and development of titanium, nickel, zirconium and other new scientific and technological materials and their products. Its main products include: titanium (nickel, zirconium, etc.) And titanium (nickel, zirconium, etc.) Alloy tubes, plates, bars and other products; titanium-based ruthenium series, iridium series, platinum series, lead dioxide anodes,ti6al4v, etc. Want to know more about titanium tube knowledge or questions, you can leave a message in the comment area, Xiaobian will send the answer in time. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.