Qin Tang did not have the time to pay attention to Shuya, Shuya this kind of person does not suffer will not be honest, she is happy to share the only food with Li Qingyi, but Lu Weizhi played the role of a good old man. After eating and drinking enough, Lu Weizhi walked to Shuya's side, sighed softly and said, "Little girl, there are still two days to go. Are you going to be so stubborn all the time?" Shuya did not speak, she tightly pursed her lips, or not too convinced. She is also favored at home, and she is also praised by the public outside. When has she ever suffered like this? "It doesn't matter if you're not hungry when you eat now. This program is like this. It won't provide you with convenience because of your external status." Lu Weizhi said earnestly, and then he did not intend to entangle more, turned around and returned to the army. At the end of the day, Shuya was no longer noisy, Qin Tang was also happy to relax, and when he returned to the hotel, Li Qingyi knocked on the door again, Qin Tang did not agree to open the door anyway. The day was enough, and she didn't want to be unable to get up at night. After three days of filming, Qin Tang challenged all kinds of limits on food. She tried all the food she could find on the island as long as it was not poisonous. Not to mention.. Those insects that look black are also very delicious. At the end of the shooting, Zhu Sheng spent a huge sum of money to prepare the TV series,needle valve manufacturer, which was also prepared to be broadcast on three stations. After the release of the promotional film on Weibo, there was also a lot of splash. Qin Tang was too busy to brush Weibo recently, and when she received a phone call from Nan Ting, she was still a little sleepy. Xiaotang! You're going to be popular! When Nan Ting's irrepressible excitement came from the other side of the receiver, Qin Tang was stunned. What the hell? Qin Tang asked without knowing why. When the trailer of the TV series was released, many fans expressed their love for you, and our micro-blog fans also increased a lot! Nan Ting bamboo tube pour beans general said, a few days ago Qin Tang in the war then war crew,stainless steel needle valve, mobile phone confiscation, a few days without contact, she held back for several days and finally can say. This day is the day when the TV series is broadcast, but she is looking forward to it very much! "It hasn't been broadcast yet." Qin Tang was so excited by Nan Ting that she couldn't help laughing. She chuckled and said, "Why are you in such a hurry?"? I just finished shooting that variety show, and I'm so tired! "Are you still tired?"? Didn't Li Qingyi accompany you to shoot that variety show? As Nan Ting spoke, she seemed to think of something and said, "But you'd better be careful. Be careful not to have a scandal." Qin Tang nodded in silence, and now the scandal is a very troublesome thing for her and Li Qingyi. Then there will be a very important audition after a period of time, and I will talk about it in detail when I see you. Nan Ting got up seriously and explained things clearly one by one. Qin Tang hung up the phone. As soon as he looked back, he saw that Li Qingyi was ready to go. With a smile in his black eyes, he took Qin Tang's hand and rubbed it. He said softly, "Remember to get ready for the audition. Now go to Grandpa with me." His mother was abroad and could not be seen for a while. Recently, the old man said that he was not in good health and shouted for him to go back and have a look. He could also take Qin Tang back and have a look. Once again to the simple and full of literati momentum villa, Qin Tang inexplicably nervous up. The last time she came, tube fitting manufacturer ,38 needle valve, there was no pressure, and this time she met her parents, right? "It doesn't matter, you've seen it all." Li Qingyi perceived Qin Tang's nervousness, he pinched Qin Tang's finger, softly comforted a sentence. Although the words are so said, but Qin Tang is still inevitably nervous, she followed behind Li Qingyi, just walked to the door, suddenly heard a hearty laugh. The old man knew that Li Qingyi was coming back, so he welcomed him with laughter in advance? "Grandpa, you tease me again!" Following the old man's voice, a delicate and familiar female voice came to Qin Tang's ears. Qin Tang was held by Li Qingyi's hand a stiff, have finished shooting the variety show, how can you still hear Shuya's voice? Li Qingyi's eyes sank. He pursed his lips and suddenly opened his mouth and shouted softly, "Grandpa.".
” When the old man heard Li Qingyi's voice, he immediately became happy. He shouted at the top of his voice, "Is Qingyi back?"? Come here quickly, you and your uncle Shu's daughter haven't seen each other for a long time, and now you can talk about it. In the middle of what the old man said, he saw Li Qingyi holding Qin Tang's hand with an indifferent face. But Qin Tang's smile was a little stiff. She put down the fruit in her hand and greeted him in a low voice: "Hello, Grandpa Li." Shuya's face stiffened, as if Qin Tang was a little surprised to see her, she was also surprised to see Qin Tang, is it difficult for Li Qingyi to make such a hasty decision to spend his life with Qin Tang? "Who is this?" The old man's face floated a few confused, he was still urging Li Qingyi to find a girlfriend before, Li Qingyi did not reveal the slightest hint that he already had a girlfriend, this just how long, how did he bring people back without saying a word?. The girl is very beautiful. He has nothing to be dissatisfied with. At least he can prove that his grandson still has a woman he likes. Is now this scene is a bit awkward, how to pick a Shuya also come to the day? Qin Tang inexplicably flinched, her fingers shrank, but Li Qingyi held them tightly in the palm of his hand, Li Qingyi's eyes were like ink, his eyes were firm, and when he was about to speak, he was interrupted by Shuya. What a coincidence! I didn't expect to see Sister Qin here. Shuya stood up and took the tea that had just been served. She looked like a hostess. Holding the tea, she walked up to Qin Tang and said, "Now that I'm here, I'm a guest. Grandpa's tea is delicious. Sister Qin took good care of me a few days ago, but I need to drink more." Qin Tang in the heart rolled a supercilious look, this tea is not Shuya home, she drinks not to drink and Shuya has what relation. Shuya came to Qin Tang's side with a demonstration of tea, and her eyes, which were narrowed with laughter, were full of hostility. Tea fragrance is very strong, but smell, Qin Tang knew that this should be the best tea brewed out of the tea,stainless steel tube fitting, but do not know why, this strong taste let her stomach a burst of rolling. Qin Tang looked at Shuya's smiling face, and finally did not hold back the nausea in her stomach. She covered her chest and suddenly vomited on Shuya's carefully dressed clothes.