Ouyang tilted his head and looked at her with a contented look on his face, tutting his mouth, drinking rice soup can feel happy, this guy will not be too easy to be satisfied. They were chatting when suddenly there was a knock on the door. Then the nurse opened the door. "The doctor has made rounds." Ye Qingzhou spurted out a mouthful of rice soup. Qiao Luo stood in front of her with a smile and said softly, "How do you feel today?" "Good, very good." Ye Qingzhou lowered his head, did not even have the courage to look at him, nodded like a chicken pecking rice, "the head is not dizzy, the whole body is strong, the waist is not sore, the legs do not hurt, good appetite, good spirit.." She listed them one by one, trying to prove that she was so good that she didn't need a doctor's visit. The nurse chuckled and reminded him, "You had an appendectomy, and the doctor asked you how you urinated after the operation." Ye Qingzhou said without thinking, "Very good, just like a faucet, it can be retracted and released freely.." "Cough." Cholo seemed to want to laugh, but refrained. He looked at Ye Qingzhou's eyes. She immediately lowered her head. He raised the corners of his mouth. "Since I'm so healthy, I'm relieved." He turned to the nurse and said, "Let's go." As soon as he left, Ouyang shouted, "You're out of your mind. What does it mean to be like a faucet?" "No." Ye Qingzhou probe to make sure that Qiao Luo has gone, only to reveal a small man's successful appearance, "so that he will not come to me." "It's not good to have a doctor in charge of you?" Ouyang looked at her like a monster, then jerked out his hands and clamped her shoulders and shook her back and forth,316ti stainless steel, "Shit!"! You're possessed by something! Are you still the timid Ye Qingzhou who is afraid of death? Ye Qingzhou was shaken a little queasy by her and said hurriedly, "Because I'm afraid to see him!" "Why?" Ouyang asked in wonder, "isn't he your brother?" Ye Qingzhou nodded first, then shook his head, it is said that Ouyang and himself are friends for so many years, he has been hiding from her is not good, then the situation at home roughly said, for Qiao Luo just vaguely said, "I and he are stepbrother and sister ah.." So the careless Ouyang quickly pieced together these bits and pieces of information into a cliche story. The children who remarried and pieced together really didn't have a good relationship. There were too many disputes, such as fighting for favor,316l stainless steel pipe, such as fighting for family property. These problems are common, but.. She squinted at Ye Qingzhou, like her soft persimmon character, give her a slap in the face, and then stuffed a jujube, she will be extremely grateful to you, for favor? Does she have the guts? Fighting for family property? Does she need it? And then look at her brother, seems to be a very polite person, their relationship will be so stiff that they don't even want to see each other? Although she was curious, she also knew that every family had its own problems, so she said nothing more. In the afternoon, Ouyang went to work, Ye Qingzhou was really stuffy in the hospital, but she had to live in a single ward, and now she had no one to talk to. As soon as she was free, she began to think about it. She counted the days. She had been oppressed by Joe Devil for seven years and ran away. Now it was seven years in a flash. It was really time flies. But how did it happen again? Isn't this guy supposed to work at Joe's dad's hospital? In the second year of high school, she took advantage of Qiao Luo to go to college in other places and was not at home. She immediately fled out of the house. When she arrived in S city, she did not go back after graduating from university. She only said that she lived here very well, and that the unit was very busy and did not take a vacation. In short, x60 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, she found all kinds of reasons. For some reason, her mother didn't ask her to go back, but she often came to see her, even earlier this year, when Cholo was already an intern in his father's hospital.
Why did he come to S city in the blink of an eye? Speaking of Qiao's father, Ye Qingzhou felt warm in his heart. Before entering Qiao's house, Ye Qingzhou said to himself that she was just a small drag oil bottle and should not have any extravagant hopes. However, the development of everything far exceeded his expectations. He was really a good father. She was happy that her mother could meet such a person from the bottom of her heart. He was always good to himself, just like his own daughter. Love and discipline have never been neglected, and everything is not as expected, including Cholo, the latter brother. Er. She felt the wound began to hurt again, hurriedly lay back, the thought of him, even the intestines are painful ah! Let's say that Ye Qingzhou took the initiative to go to the primary school where Qiao Luo was, and then she suddenly realized that people can be poor, bitter, ugly, and disabled, but they can't be confused! She was obsessed with ghosts for a moment, and she still dreamed that she could turn over and make decisions! She was in the original school, somehow just ordered by her classmates, cleaning all packages, helping others buy drinks, occasionally part-time homework and so on, in fact, life can still pass. But in the new school, she not only has to do the whole class of coolies, but also for the service of Joe Devil, you know, she even in school time to face him, it is simply day and night ah. Brother, your breakfast, pancakes and fried dough sticks, no onions and coriander, I asked the boss to add a little more. Ye Qingzhou groveled to hand over breakfast, obviously she is in the fourth grade, class is not so early, but she has to "take the initiative" to ask, in the morning and the sixth grade brother to go to school together, eat breakfast outside together.. In fact, she loves the preserved egg porridge made by her mother. Qiao Luo took it with satisfaction and touched Ye Qingzhou's head habitually, "really obedient." "Brother, I helped you pick out all the onions in your lunch!" At noon, Ye Qingzhou will start busy again, in fact, her home is very close to the school, she can go home for lunch, she is no teacher to class at noon! "Not bad." Cholo smiled a little. Brother, I'll help you with your food. At the dinner table, Ye Qingzhou was still working with tears in his eyes and a smile on his mouth. Usually at home, Cholo would say a few more words, "Sister, you are so sensible." Then her mother and Joe's father would be very moved, "These two children, the feelings are really good!" “……” Ye Qingzhou wanted to cry, the longer the days, the more fixed her thinking, she was completely unable to open her mouth. PART 4 In the evening, Ouyang came to deliver the meal on time. Ye Qingzhou is a busy life,x56 line pipe, not to mention the busy work on weekdays, it is simply looking for leisure, for fear of being caught by the queen. lksteelpipe.com