These three hundred and sixty water-based flying swords and fire-based flying swords were selected from a large number of magic weapons obtained by Wujiang Xianfu. Ji Ning got more than 16,000 pieces at that time, and the flying sword was the most commonly used magic weapon. It was not difficult to find one that suited him. Little Thousand Swords Array! As soon as the black Taoist robe Ji Ning's mind moved, he immediately urged him to get up. Before, Ji Ning used the Cold Ming Sword to display the Small Thousand Sword Array, and then carried the Flying Sword of the Seven Hundred and Twenty People Order! Now 720 people step flying swords are replaced by step flying swords, but the difficulty of control has soared more than a hundred times in an instant, after all, the number of replacement flying swords is too much. Uh Ji Ning frowned in his black Taoist robe. How The big black bear laughed. If you want to use the ninth layer of the small thousand sword array, you can't use it. Black Taoist robe Ji Ning shook his head, Ji Ning began to reduce the number, the eighth layer of the small thousand sword array? The seventh floor of the Little Thousand Swords Array? Whoa! Finally mobilized, more than five hundred flying swords began to surround Ji Ning and began to rise and fall. Ji Ning reached the level of yuan Shen and instilled yuan Li into it. The spirit was mobilized, and then a dazzling flying sword was condensed in his chest. There was a layer of white rainbow on the flying sword. The seventh floor of the small thousand sword array. Black Taoist Ji Ning shook his head, "I have broken through to yuan Shen, yuan Li has greatly improved, but the spirit is slightly weaker than the past two times.". It can also improve a lot in terms of Tao. But it's only the seventh floor. "After all, everything is the magic weapon of the terrace,plastic pallet containers, and the worst is the top-grade flying sword of the terrace.". Even on the seventh floor. It's also stronger than the ninth layer of the small thousand sword array that you used some human order magic weapons to display before. Huangmao Daxiong Road. Ji Ning, a black Taoist robe, nodded in agreement. By the way, I've just had a look at all your treasures. The yellow-haired bear pointed to a large number of classified treasures next to it. "There are some pockets in which many puppets are hidden." Black Taoist Ji Ning nodded: "It's the puppet found in Wu Jiang Xianfu before. It was collected by the gods and demons." "I'll help you reform these puppets, otherwise they will obey your orders." The yellow-haired bear said, "by the way,plastic pallet crates, don't you still have one hundred thousand catties of yuan liquid?"? Hurry to refine, you are just in the early stage of the primordial spirit, right? Strength to improve the point, so that you yuan Li more pure, control the magic weapon is also easier. It is estimated that you will be able to control the eighth or even the ninth layer of the small thousand sword array. Ji Ning, a black Taoist robe, nodded: "Yes." Do not use white, this yuan liquid or change into their own strength is better! One hundred thousand catties of yuanye? It's enough for the second God to take a big step forward again. I have to study the Little Thousand Swords Array carefully in the future. Black Taoist robe Ji Ning secretly thought, although read a lot of secret books, but suitable for refining the magic weapon array, 'small thousand sword array' is the most suitable for oneself is also the most powerful one. The second primordial spirit is to refine the air flow, and the supernatural power cannot be cultivated. Of course, you have to study the small thousand sword array. The Second Primordial God is destined to be a super-strong Sword Fairy! Found'Hua Xuejian 'book friends flutter red reward, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet manufacturer, here to express gratitude. Tomato suddenly found that the monthly ticket is very close to the first, hurriedly pull the monthly ticket, see the satisfaction, see the cool, please vote for the next tomato. (To be continued). If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the literary registration member to recommend this work. Your support is my greatest motivation. Volume 3 Chi Bian Wu Dao Volume 11 Chapter 7 Refining and Chemical Water House In the quiet hall. Ji Ning sat cross-legged in his black Taoist robe, with a jade bottle in front of him, and the liquid in the jade bottle flew directly into Ji Ning's mouth. Tut. The old black cow looked at him excitedly. After all, he had been lonely for too long. The yellow-haired bear, on the other hand, waved his claws and untied his two big pockets automatically. One by one, Qiongqi puppets roared and flew out immediately. There were 36 Qiongqi puppets and a black armored man puppet. As soon as these puppets came out, they struggled crazily and wanted to resist. Be good and obedient. The yellow-haired bear was smiling, and the thirty-six poor and strange puppets and the black armored man were all suspended in the air. Although they struggled, they could not move, which made the puppets look shocked.
"Who are you?" The man in black armor looked at the yellow-haired bear and shouted, "Why did you imprison me?" "Oh, there's a soul implant?" The yellow-haired bear shook his head. "Who made this puppet? The means are really rough." Crackle! Thirty-six poor and strange puppets and black armored men in the air have been decomposed into tens of thousands of parts. Put it away and do it slowly. With anticipation in his eyes, the yellow-haired bear waved his claws, and whoosh, the tens of thousands of puppet parts disappeared and moved away. Ji Ning, little doll. The yellow-haired bear opened his mouth and said, "I'll study these puppets first, erase some of the marks left by the previous refiners, and then give them to you." "No hurry." Ji Ning laughed. Ji Ning did not practice, at the moment is the practice of the second God'black Taoist robe Ji Ning '. Time passes. Finally, the hundred thousand catties of yuan liquid in the jade bottle were all consumed, and the black Taoist robe Ji Ning also opened his eyes, with a happy look in his eyes. Ji Ning, how is it? The old black cow looked forward to it. When the primordial liquid is consumed, it finally reaches the late stage of the primordial spirit. Ji Ning, a black Taoist robe, said, "I'll try the small thousand sword array first." Brush. More than seven hundred flying swords appeared around again. Many terrace flying swords headed by the Cold Ming Sword Array all began to float. Ji Ning tried hard for a long time, but he couldn't control them all well. He only displayed the eighth layer of the Small Thousand Sword Array: "My yuan Li is much purer than before, and it's only the eighth layer." "Ji Ning, you have already trained the Second yuan God, and with this Second yuan God, you can also refine this Shuifu." Said the yellow-haired bear. Refining and Chemical Water House? As soon as Ji Ning's mind moved, the second God suddenly turned into a bead and flew into Ji Ning's bosom. Come with me. The big yellow-haired bear is walking ahead. Ji Ning was looking forward to it. He had been waiting for this day for a long time. At the beginning,drum spill pallet, he became a monk of the Purple Mansion and only refined an amulet. Now he has practiced the Second Primordial God and can finally refine the Water Mansion. When the time comes, he can take the Water Mansion with him like a Chinese immortal. Walking along another wide corridor, Ji Ning could not get in at all before.