Seeing this, Ruoshui could not help but move slightly, as if he was going to make a move, but eventually he held back this, and warned himself in his heart, "It's not the right time to endure it again!" The next change in the situation proved that if the choice of water is correct, although the situation of the two masters of the magic door was barely even in the moment of killing a son to use this swordsmanship, Xiahou Lan seems to have fallen into a deadly situation, so if the water that secretly peeps on the side does not start immediately, Probably will no longer have a chance to attack a kill son-but the fact is that a kill son with the power of the magic sword to urge the sword, but did not succeed in killing Xiahou Lan a sword. At the moment when the blade of the ghost killing blade was about to reach the body, a hexagonal black light suddenly rose from Xiahou Lan's chest, shaped like a palm-sized tortoise shell, and the lightning seemed to be blocked in front of the ghost killing blade, which collided with the nine-order flying sword driven by the magic sword. When the sword and the light meet, it seems that the black light is definitely hitting a stone with an egg, but the result is unexpected. This small and thin black light makes it difficult for the deadly sword, which just looks at the nine-turn magic refining supreme Yin and Yang Qi and the nine-order magic weapon basalt Yin Sha Wu Jin Shen Mang like nothing, to go beyond the limits! And Xiahou Lan also appeared in this black light to block the light of the sword at the moment with nine turn magic refining supreme Yin Yang Qi wrapped in his own body, the wind also pulled back, but half a breath less kung fu, has been a sudden retreat of twenty or thirty Zhangs away, temporarily avoiding the edge of a killing son magic sword. However, the sorceress was also very scared. She knew that if it hadn't been for the amulet that her teacher, the old man Fucha, had refined with the scales of basalt to protect herself, she would have been destroyed by the sword just now, or lost or died. Save Xiahou Lan This magic amulet was specially given by the old man Fucha after the destruction of Amo Xuanlian, the treasure of the witch crossing the plunder. It can automatically protect the Lord three times, one of which was used when Xiahou Lan crossed the plunder three times, and the other was used in the previous chaos. At this moment, it was three times powerful, and as expected, it blocked the invincible magic sword of the Central Demon Sect. Although the power of the black light can only maintain a moment,cattle weight tape, Xiahou Lan just back away, the hexagonal black light has been broken by the ghost blade, but immediately into a group of black streamer, suddenly burst apart, plunder the light everywhere, for a time to make the space within a hundred feet all for a dark, become dark, is the best eye method, In such pure darkness, he could not see the movement around him at all, nor could he see where Xiahou Lan was now. Kill a son.. I can't believe you've even practiced the magic of the sword. It really deserves to be a group of people in the Central Demon Sect. It's just that do you think I'm in the Northern Demon Sect. Is there no powerful magic method for all demons? Xiahou Lanjiao scolded angrily, also do not know what means she used, that cold drink is like a dementor voice in general echoed around, simply can not judge its position according to the voice, but just can reflect the vigorous anger in the heart of the witch now. Xiahou Lan, don't think that if there is an old man who supports you, others can't help you. In my opinion, Diameter tape measure ,Pi tape measure, there is no one who can't be killed. You are arrogant and self-righteous, but you will die under my sword today! One kill son said lightly, manipulating that just nearly killed Xiahou Lan's ghost killing blade in the dark like a thunderbolt, but unfortunately did not hit the location of Xiahou Lan. Hum If you have the ability. Just come! Xiahou Lan thought there was a magic amulet to cover his eyes with black light. Although he was good at swordsmanship, it was difficult for him to show himself. At that moment, he hurriedly took advantage of this opportunity to gather his magic power. At the same time, he was ready to use his last resort to compete with his magic swordsmanship.
But don't want to Xiahou orchid voice still from reverberating in the air, a kill the corner of the mouth is hung with a sarcastic smile, as if really laugh at Xiahou orchid down donkey not down, will only talk big, and on its smile at the same time, this guy actually will be a shake, the whole person has been shot out, right hand forward, unexpectedly completely unaffected by the magic charm of black light, accurate incomparable grab to the head of Xiahou Orchid, Its castration of fast, contains the power of the powerful, it is like a sword out of the scabbard, in a twinkling of an eye from the breakthrough twenty or thirty Zhangs space, straight to the front of Xiahou Lan, right hand and finger like a sword, that delicate as a woman's five fingers into the supreme blade, straight to the face of this witch! But outside the body of Xiahou Lan, there is a thick layer of nine-turn magic refining, supreme Yin Yang Qi, Xuanwu Yin Sha Wu Jin Shen Mang, although each whirls endlessly, forming a light curtain whose power can even grind the eight-order magic weapon into powder, but it can't hurt a hair of this killer at all! It turned out that this guy had just made the flying sword stab in the dark, bickering with Xiahou Lan, all of them were confusing the mind of the witch, but it was a hidden murder, with some secret method to lock the position of Xiahou Lan, and then out of this thunderous blow! Obviously is the flesh body, gives the human the feeling unexpectedly to be sharper than the ghost to kill the God blade three points, this is the central evil religion magic sword's fierce place, take me as the evil spirit, take the sword as the evil spirit, the sword is also the demon, is also me, therefore not only that mouth flies the sword to be extremely fierce, even the flesh body also while displays this law to become with flies It is more powerful than the golden body of Buddhism and the body of the demon clan and the demon God, so it can compete with the authentic body and sword combination of Xuanmen. However, it is not easy to practice the magic sword to such a realm, unless there is a great genius who is determined to practice penance, supplemented by chance, otherwise it is impossible to practice, so even many elders in the Central Demon Sect are relying on other swordsmanship to rule the roost, and those who can cultivate their swords and bodies to such a realm are actually contained, Xiahou Lan never thought that it would not be long before he killed his son to become an immortal. Unexpectedly, he practiced the magic sword to such an extent, and even the black light of the magic amulet and the magic sound of his own display could not affect the man, so he went straight to kill him with the body of a flying sword, which was like an iceberg,Walking measuring wheel, showing a bit of color for the first time on his face, which had not changed at all just now. Obviously, he was shocked by the strength shown by the stronger and stronger killer in the Vietnam War.