He Nu grabbed the mountain to lead the way and rushed straight to a valley. "What did you find in that cave?" She asked. "I got a bottle of elixir and a bead," said Gu Shiqi. "I knew from the three old demons who drank from me that this bead was called the'Sun and Moon God Bead ', and it was the only thing to deal with the'Master of Destruction'. But I swallowed it into my stomach!" "That's terrible," said Suo Kong hurriedly. "Why do you swallow it without knowing how to use it?" Gu Shiqi sighed and said, "I didn't mean it, because as soon as I got it, I bumped into three old demons who arrived at the same time. It was too late to get it on me, and I couldn't fight the enemy with one hand, so I put the beads in my mouth and started!"! But in the middle of the fight, without paying attention, he swallowed it like a jujube! He said with embarrassment and a look of shame on his face. Suo Kong is impatient, no matter have He Nu to be beside, ask closely: "Have how old, can you shit to pull out?" "Card!" He Nu suddenly laughed out loud. Suo Kongwen laughed in a daze, then understood and scolded awkwardly: "Damn, I'm sorry, girl, the old man is in a hurry!" Gu Shiqi was stunned when he asked that not very elegant joke. He also got carried away and said in a hum, "I really want to be careful about defecating!" ; He Nu couldn't help laughing. Suddenly she giggled so hard that she couldn't walk any more. "Fool, how old are you?" She scolded. Gusky made a gesture, frowned and said,whirlpool hot tub, "It's as big as a chicken egg!" "You're not a hungry tiger," he said. "You've swallowed all the big pearls. It's over. You can get in, but you can't get out. Get ready to shave your stomach!" The two elders were both angry and amused. Suo Kong said, "Just let's see if you can force the True Qi to come out. Otherwise, it's really terrible." The four of them walked into a crack between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. "Stop," they shouted. "You can hide here." So the four of them hid in a crevice in the rock. "We'll go after dark," said Suo Kong. "I'm afraid the old master won't be able to get there." The matter was beyond the expectation of the four of them. Before Suo Kong could sit down, he suddenly heard a light shout from outside the rock crevice: "Don't speak loudly. Two of the devils have chased him several miles away." As soon as Gu Shiqi saw two old men walking in,best whirlpool tub, who expected that it was the old master and the other one he didn't know, he immediately jumped up with great joy and shouted softly, "How did you know we were here?" "We saw the four of you flying this way, and at the same time we saw the miser and the morning clouds and the evening rain," said the teacher. As he spoke, he called Gu Shiqi again and said, "Come and pay your respects to my old friend, the Golden Mountain Man." When Gu Shiqi saw him, he paid his respects and led him into the rock crevice. He let everyone greet him before he said dejectedly, "You always told me to fail in finding the ancient cave!" "How to fail?" Asked the teacher. He Nu rushes to answer: "You tell him to go into the cave to look for the'sun and moon beads'?" The old master said, "I didn't know what I was looking for at that time, but I didn't know it was the'Sun and Moon Magic Bead 'until Grandpa Huang. I just saw the demons chasing you. I believe Shiqi has achieved his goal." "I swallowed the orb," said Gusky with a wry smile. The Golden Mountain Man suddenly shouted, "No!" Old Master still does not know a reason as if, ask urgently: "Swallow, outdoor whirlpool ,indoor endless pool, swallow, what do you hurry?" The people of Huangjinshan did not ask how Gu Shiqi swallowed it. His complexion changed greatly and he said, "Once this bead is in the belly of a person, Shiqi will suffer all his life. Every day at noon, he will have an internal fire. He must use the True Qi of the whole body to fight against it. Otherwise, all the internal organs will be injured and he will die within three days. But when he resists, his limbs are weak. If he meets an enemy, he will not wait for death. He will not be able to do It belongs to the Yin of the moon, and the whole five internal organs seem to be immersed in the ice. At this time, it is necessary to resist each other with all the strength of the True Qi before it can pass. It seems that there is an hour of pain day and night. Why does he not suffer for a lifetime? Then the old master exclaimed, "Is there no way to get it out?" The Golden Mountain Man shook his head and said, "The Divine Bead is not something else. The True Qi cannot be forced out. Alas, although he suffers, it is still effective for the'Master of Destruction. 'At the same time, it can also relieve all those who have been restrained by the bone-shrinking Dafa.".
” Gu Shiqi laughed and said, "As long as I can save my own people, I still haven't failed!" When the old master saw that he didn't care about himself, he nodded and smiled at the Golden Mountain Man. It was very flattering, but he shook his head again and said, "Boy, you have hurt yourself all your life." Gu Shiqi said with a wry smile, "Since I didn't mean to make a mistake, why should I complain?" Then he took out a small bottle and said, "This is also what you got from the cave. What's the use of it?" The Golden Mountain man snatched it from his hand and said, "God Dan!"! You must have found it in another cave? "Yes," said Gu Shiqi respectfully, "I got this bottle first. There are only four in it." "There are only these four pills," said the man from Golden Mountain. "It's a pity you can't eat them. You have to take them when you are a baby. One pill can make a talented person with unparalleled power." When he had finished, he carefully gave it to He Nu and said, "Jinfeng, take good care of it. Don't forget to take it when you give birth to a child." He Nu coquettishly took over, but Gu Shiqi was confused. He asked the Golden Mountain Man urgently: "Elder, I want to ask for two to take with me." "Who do you want to give it to?" The old master laughed. He seemed to deliberately ask, Gu Shiqi hesitated tunnel: "I think … …" Give To Jin Fei! The Golden Mountain man burst out laughing, and his eyes doomed him to say, "She will have a share in the future!" "Thank you for being old," Gusky giggled. He Jinfeng was not unhappy, but the situation was seen by two old people, Suo Kong and Frozen, who smiled knowingly. Gu Shiqi suddenly remembered that the sun and moon beads could save the person who had been made. He urgently asked the old master, "Has the bone-shrinking method on the younger generation been lifted?" "Let's hear it," the old master said to the Golden Mountain man. The man from Golden Mountain said, "He has nothing to do with the pearl of the sun and the moon. We still need him to watch it for a while before we can break it, because the pearl is already in his belly, and the light of the pearl only comes from his eyes." Gu Shiqi immediately picked up his internal strength, opened his eyes wide, and kept a close eye on the two elders and He Nu. As soon as the golden mountain man was stared at by the divine light from his two eyes,jacuzzi swim spa, he already felt that Gu Shiqi's internal strength had reached a very profound state, and his face immediately showed a very satisfied color. Gu Shiqi was afraid that it would not work, and his two eyes were really like the divine light of the sun and the moon.