At the thought that she might not be able to be the man for several days, Shu Jia'er still had a little regret and reluctance in her heart. Brother, where are you going? Who are you going with? "Just myself." Shu Jia said confidently, "then you take me with you.". I want to go out and play, too. "Not to play." "Oh, then you do your work and I'll play mine. Anyway, you have to take me with you." National Day holiday there are so many days, the thought of four or five days may not see Huo Chao, Shu Jia ear is still a little unaccustomed. Shu Jia'er put his hands together and bargained with him. "Brother, take me with you, OK?"? I'll be good and I won't make any trouble. Huo Chao refused. If she is good and doesn't make trouble, there will be a ghost. But the next day, Shujiaer succeeded in boarding the high-speed railway to B County with Huo Chao. Therefore, there is nothing that can not be done by grinding. After Shu Jia'er sat on the seat, he shook his legs and probably guessed the reason why the man went to B county. In fact, the longer we get along, the more Shu Jia'er feels that the man is not as described in the book. Silly. Look, this time Shure told him something else, and he would go to B County to confirm it himself,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, probably for fear of making a mistake again. Shu Jia'er felt that her good days might be coming to an end, so she should take advantage of the last few days to work hard. In this way, Shu Jia'er went to break Huo Chao's collar. Huo Chao was confused by Shu Jia's ear, and did not hide, so he looked at her, "what are you going to do again?" Shujia looked at him confidently. "Let me see if you have any chest hair." Huo Chao has a headache. "Why are you suddenly addicted to this?" "No, just curious." In fact, is not curious,caustic calcined magnesite, is deliberately playing with Huo Chao, deliberately for him. With passengers on the side, Huo Chao can only choose to tell the truth in order not to let himself and Shujia hear tomorrow's hot search headlines, "No." Not to mention, Huo Chao is afraid that tomorrow's Weibo headlines will be # shocked, a high school girl actually did this kind of thing to a boy on the high-speed railway. # Surprised that a high school boy and girl should be on the high-speed railway.. # This kind of. In fact, Shu Jia'er had long guessed that Huo Chao had no chest hair. There are only a few Chinese boys with chest hair. She hit Huo Chao's calf again, and she bent down unexpectedly and lifted part of Huo Chao's trouser leg. Then she saw Huo Chao's hairy, slender legs. Shu Jia'er did not know why, but suddenly thought of a sentence he had seen. Boys with long leg hair have good kidneys. Tut. Shu Jia'er pretended that he had never driven a car in his little head and put down Huo Chao's trousers and straightened up calmly. "Huo Chao lost his temper." That's enough. Shu Jia Er nodded forcefully. She leaned over and said in a complimentary tone, "Brother, your leg hair is quite long." Huo Chao:.. Thank you. Shu Jia'er was in a good mood. She took out a pack of cartoon masks from her bag and pasted them on herself. After that, she wore a cartoon face and did not forget Huo Chao. "Brother, Magnesium Oxide price ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, I brought a lot of masks. Do you want one?" "What do you say?" Shu Jia grinned, today she has played enough, no longer toss Huo Chao, Huo Chao did not have to take the mask printed with cartoon style. When Shu Jia's ears were resting on the mask, Huo Chao took out his notebook and looked at things. From Beijing to B County is very far, halfway to transfer, the journey is long, this period of time can be used to study and recharge. In fact, sometimes change some habits, such as suddenly want to make progress, that is, between a thought. Huo Chao suddenly did not want to be as muddleheaded as before, in fact, he also in a moment, suddenly had the idea of progress. This idea came suddenly, perhaps related to what the book ears said at that time. But it doesn't matter what caused it. - More than ten hours had passed when they arrived in B county. They went out early in the morning, and now it was ten o'clock in the evening. It was completely dark, and most of the people who went to bed early had fallen into a sweet dream. Shu Jia'er's buttocks hurt when she sits high-speed railway. She rubbed her little buttocks quietly. Fortunately, there were only street lights at this point, and there were not many people. No one noticed her little action.
Sitting too long high-speed railway, her whole person is very tired, just think how comfortable how to come, so do not mind doing something like rubbing the buttocks of the indecent action. Huo Chao noticed her little action of rubbing her buttocks. Can you still walk? Shu Jia'er always maintains her own personality. Hearing this, she shook her head like a rattle and said coquettishly, "Brother, I'm tired. I can't walk at all." After saying this, Shu Jia's ears were in a trance. In fact, after a long time, even she herself did not know whether the character setting of princess disease was true or false. At first, of course, she was deliberately so princess sick. In order to deliberately torment the man, retaliate against the woman, and find the place for the original miserable woman. But gradually, she fell in love with the feeling of being loved in the palm of her hand. Perhaps what she showed in front of Huo Chao was the real her? It's just that because of her family, she used to suppress herself too much and hide her nature all the time. In this way, it seems not impossible? Chapter 40 Princess Disease. Huo Chao opened two rooms in the local hotel. It was getting late, so they went back to their rooms to repair. Early the next morning, although Shu Jia'er said at the beginning that everyone was playing their own games, she was still eager to follow Huo Chao and have breakfast with him. Anyway, Shu Jia'er decided to pester Huo Chao today, and wherever he went, she followed him. County B is not big, but this is not big relative to Beijing. Shu Jia'er did not inherit the original memory, thinking that a small county in B County must be about the same size as a small town,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, but in fact it is not. After several years of post-disaster reconstruction in B County, there are many tall buildings, and it is thriving. stargrace-magnesite.com