However, although this is only a sub-hall of the Hall of Soul, its defensive force is still no weaker than that of some first-class forces. Xiao Yan's rampage did not last long. "There was a sound of angry shouting, and immediately four figures came from four corners, and then stood like an iron tower on Xiao Yan's only way, filled with black fog." With an unusually strong and majestic breath, from the point of view of this breath, these four people are all strong people who have reached the level of six or even seven stars! Bastard, stop this Dharma Protector! As soon as the four of them appeared, the black fog surged in the middle, revealing a pale old face. He stared at the black line with gloomy eyes and shouted coldly. The shout fell, and the four men did not say any more nonsense. They roared together, and the majestic black fog surged out of their bodies. Then gathered together, directly into a huge black python with dozens of feet, a roar to the sky, a giant tail, with a strong wind pressure, against Xiao Yan mercilessly impact. Where the black python passed, the strong wind pressure shook the hard ground into annihilation powder, and cracks spread out like lightning from the place where it passed. How dare just four Dharma protectors stop me? In the face of four powerful soul temple protectors, Xiao Yan's face was a sneer, and his forward body did not stop at all. The purple-brown flame quickly surged out of his body, and then turned into a huge purple-brown fire dragon. As soon as the dragon's tail was thrown, Xiao Yan's forward speed suddenly accelerated, and then it was like a meteorite colliding with the black python. Hit them hard together. Ling, get out of here! "Bang!" Such a strong magnetic collision, the moment is the outbreak of a tremendous explosion,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, energy ripples from the impact of the place like a storm swept out, some of the huge pillars around, in a click, burst, some close to the soul temple guards, is also affected by this terrible energy ripples, in a miserable cry, the body like a broken kite flew out upside down. Finally, it hit the dark wall heavily, and in a click,White Marble Slabs, it was directly shaken into a bloody mud. The ripples of energy spread, and the faces of the four protectors of the Soul Temple changed dramatically in an instant. There was no time to retreat. The ripples of energy came roaring and bombarded their bodies. Bang! Suffering from such a heavy blow, the thick black fog on the bodies of the four people suddenly became thin, and then the bodies flew out upside down. After rubbing nearly 100 meters on the ground, they slowly stabilized, but they no longer had the strength to climb up. The mantis arm blocks the car! Fierce blow, shock back four Dou Zong strong, Xiao Yan a sneer, immediately in the eyes of a lot of fierce awn, bent his fingers, four purple-brown flames burst out, and then mercilessly bombarded the four soul temple protectors in a state of serious injury, the terrible temperature of three thousand lotus heart fire, so that the four people sent out a shrill scream, and finally in the struggle, the black fog dispersed. There are four slightly illusory soul bodies. They are both souls, but they help a tyrant to do evil. Damn it! Looking at the four souls whose faces were full of fear, Xiao Yan's tone was dense, white marble slabs ,Slate Wall Panel, his palm was clenched, and the vast power of the soul surged out from between his eyebrows, and the three souls in midair were suddenly shaken into nothingness with a bang. Kill three soul temple protectors by means of thunder. As soon as Xiao Ting sucked the palm of his hand, the soul of the last soul temple protector was sucked into the palm of his hand. He said in a gloomy tone, "Where is the place where the soul is imprisoned?"? You have only one chance, or you will end up exactly like the previous three! Seeing the gloomy soap on Xiao Yan's face, the color of fear on the face of the Dharma Protector of the Soul Temple was even worse. In his heart, he also secretly complained about why he came out to stop this evil star. Say Xiao Yan's face was faintly ferocious. The Venerable Wind was fighting for time outside, but he didn't have much free time to consume. In the Hall of Lock Soul.. The soul temple protector trembled, now he dare not have the slightest concealment, previously his three companions, directly under his gaze, was evaporated into nothingness by Xiao Yan, it is a real disappearance, how can no longer be saved.
"Show the way, or die!"! Xiao Yan's eyes were cold, he said. Turn left ahead. "Hearing this, the soul protector hurriedly said.". Hearing this, Xiao Yan stamped the ground with the soles of his feet and turned into a dark shadow again, sweeping away the depths of the huge hall like lightning. After the journey, with the soul temple guardian guide, it is easier, but along the way is still blocked by many strong soul temple, including a lot of Dou Zong rank other strong, but now with the strength of Xiao Yan, Dou Zun, almost can not find the opponent, although these guys are many people, but in Xiao Yan that fierce three thousand lotus heart fire, it is defeated quite quickly. Along the way, Xiao Yan has experienced many bloody battles, after his rough calculation, I'm afraid this section of the journey, died in his hands of the soul temple guardian, is no less than ten, the lower is difficult to measure, anyway, a slap in the past, the strength of the slightly weaker soul guard, almost on the spot is to be swallowed up by three thousand lotus heart fire. However, the strength of these protectors is not very strong, the top is also around the seven-star Dou Zong, and then high, it is quite fast to escape, if Xiao Yan is able to catch up with it, but now his main purpose is to find the old medicine, can not waste time on it. All the way to kill, the place is full of wolves, corpses, Xiao Yan at the moment, like a God of killing, filled with terrible killing gas, every time the purple brown flame surge, will bring countless shrill screams. At this time, after devouring three thousand Yan Yan fire fusion of the new fire, but also showed the power of terror, along the way, almost no one can stop his footsteps.. Boom! In a spacious corridor, the arm of Xiao Yan's expressionless coffin with purple-brown flames was inserted into the chest of a Dharma Protector of the Soul Temple. He looked at his slowly evaporating body. Then,Agate Slabs For Sale, like throwing garbage, he held it and threw it away at will. He glanced at the soul of the Dharma Protector in his left hand and said in a cold voice, "How far is it?" 。