Roddy nodded. "Indeed.". Our plan was indeed to put them ashore and then use our advantage to defeat them. But the other side seems to understand that. It seems that the commander of the other side is not a simple man! Miro raised his eyebrows, and when he heard Roddy say "we," a different color flashed across his face, as if he wanted to say something. Roddy looked at him for a day and said coldly, "General Miro, I know you don't like me, not only because of family feuds, but also for personal reasons-but I want to tell you that the situation is that a great war is about to begin, if you are still a man, if you are still a general of the Empire, a warrior of the Lionheart family, then no matter what feuds we have." Wait until the battle is over! Miro was silent for a moment and replied coldly, "Seth, I admit I hate you!"! But don't worry! I'm not a good man, but at least I'm a man! After saying this, Miro took a cold look at the gate and said lightly, "There's nothing to see. Tomorrow all their troops will be landed and stationed in this camp.". I'll go back first and prepare for the war tomorrow. He stopped looking at Roddy and turned to stride away. Night had fallen, and a bonfire was burning on the coast far from the city. A huge and simple camp had been basically built. There were enough tents for at least two hundred thousand people to live in, and simple fortifications, wooden walls,cantilever racking system, fences and so on had been erected. It was ridiculous that the door of the camp was wide open, and there was not even a guard left at the door. Twenty thousand vanguard troops also stopped the construction work, they put down their tools and weapons, lined up to the countless boats on the coast, and then the soldiers lined up to get on the boats, one by one the boats rowed back to the big warships on the sea, leaving an empty barracks on the coast.. Roddy did not know when to move a chair to sit on the wall, while sneering at the soldiers of the Roland people under the city to build the barracks and leave easily. Aren't they afraid we'll go out and destroy their barracks? Roddy had a chill in his eyes. "Commander of the Roland people, are you doing this to provoke me on purpose?"? Trying to humiliate me? You deliberately left the newly built barracks, just want to tell me, you see through our actions, warehousing storage solutions ,drive in racking system, you are sure that I will not go out of the city to hinder your landing? Won't attack your vanguard? His eyes turned to meditation: "You are so fearless to go ashore, don't you know that you can't beat us?"? Are you really so sure of coming ashore with such a swagger as to irritate me? Looking at the city gate that stretches for several miles of barracks, at the moment empty barracks, I'm afraid tomorrow will be full! A big war is about to begin, but the first day of the war is so peaceful. Court volume chapter 172 exploration Novel Bus Updated: July 26, 2010 19:03:10 Words in this chapter: 9210 Thunder City is located on the edge of Thunder Channel, and the walls are only a few kilometers away from the beach-it can only be said that it is a natural and wonderful outpost fortress. If the northern Roland landed on the southern continent, the most suitable place on the northern coastline of the Empire of Light would be this beach outside Thunder City. Perhaps God deliberately left an excellent terrain for the land of light when he created the world-the coastline of the land of light against the Thunder Strait, most of which are steep whirlpool reefs and steep cliffs, relatively few flat beaches, and even fewer beaches that can accommodate a large number of troops to land-Thunder City. The best place to officially land. The walls of Thunder City were built as an imperial fortress-it was a complete military fortress, and few civilians lived in the city. The wall is built entirely of huge stones from the north, tall and strong, 12 meters high and 4 meters wide, showing an arc shape.
Thunder City is not big, the maximum limit can only accommodate two hundred thousand people stationed-at the moment in the city there are five pantheon fire warriors, fifty thousand Thor's whip, and fifty thousand elite heavily armored infantry of the northern legion. Tiger looked coldly at the document in front of him, then stepped out of the cabin, stood on the deck and looked into the distance. In the morning sunshine, Thunder City was faintly visible on the shore. We must take Thunder City first. Tiger, the commander of Roland's Southern Expedition, sighed softly. In all respects, the first step of this holy war must be to take the city of thunder! First of all, the allied forces of Roland need a strong stronghold to reorganize the army after landing. And serve as a solid staging post for further South Expedition! In the footsteps of the army's southward war, with this strong stronghold near the coastline, supplies from the Roland continent can be continuously sent to the front line through this transit station! To say the least, the fighting power of the Empire of Light on land is deeply feared by Tiger-especially their Tulip Duke, whose family has been a natural military commander for almost every generation. The Empire of Light has a huge and elite army. After its own army goes ashore, it must immediately get a strong military stronghold. In case the other side mobilizes a large number of troops to fight back crazily, its own side needs a strong military fortress to breathe and repair. He didn't want his army to fight with the other side's huge cavalry legions as soon as it landed-it would take some time to repair it anyway. After more than ten days of crossing the channel, the sea was rough and the soldiers were very tired. And very important. Thunder City has quite sufficient provisions and weapons and other military supplies, the occupation of Thunder City, can give the army a lot of supplies. Of course,warehouse pallet racks, there is another reason that Tiger did not say. He himself was not optimistic about the holy war-but the dignity and honor of the knight made him have to be loyal to His Majesty and to the temple. But there was always some uneasiness in his heart-he was fighting with the army of the land of light? Roland's coalition forces are large enough in number. But can a patchwork army of a dozen nations, with a mixture of good and bad, do the job?.