I told the old lady plausibly, "I asked him to come long ago, but he refused to come.". I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't dragged him out of bed. Lu and Jiang in the hospital bed must have wanted to strangle me, because I saw him staring at me, I raised my face when I didn't see it, anyway, I didn't tell lies. The child, like his father, always felt that he was in good health and could resist it. Referring to her father-in-law who died of cancer the year before last, the old lady was really sad: "If you don't think about our mother and don't cherish yourself at all, can you earn all the money?" Great, although my feet hurt when I stood, but listening to the old lady scolding Lu and Jiang in the ward, and he didn't even dare to reply, it was still worth the price of admission! Finally I sent the old lady out, the old lady also praised me: "Good boy, although he usually has a model outside with Jiang, in fact, he is not three or four, you have to look at him more,pump tube, do not let him act foolishly." I nodded perfunctorily to the old lady, alas, let me look at Lu and Jiang, give the imperial sword is useless. When I returned to the ward, Lu and Jiang were much better. He asked me, "What did the old lady say?" I made a face at him. "I won't tell you." Anyway, he is lying in a hospital bed now,eye cream packing tube, and he can't get up to do anything to me, so I am a little successful, bold, and broad-minded, even breathing feels fresh. He is silent a little while, ask me: "Why do you want registered permanent residence this then?" Oh! I almost forgot my business. Thanks to his burning like that, I still remember that I asked him for the household register. But I didn't want to tell him the truth: "What do you care about me?" He seemed to think of something, and the corners of his mouth curved up with a silent sneer. I hate the way he smiles and doesn't smile. Every time he thinks he's right or catches me with something, he sneers like this. I shouldn't have sent him to the hospital, even if he was burning up at home. It's none of my business. I am the farmer who keeps the frozen snake warm, and it immediately turns around and bites me. Are you going to marry someone? His careless appearance makes me feel more disgusting: "The action is very fast, isn't it?" I was confused by his words. It took me a few seconds to realize what he meant. I didn't think that the household registration book had another purpose, that is, marriage registration. But I was so angry that I tried to squeeze out a sweet smile on my face: "Yes, plastic laminated tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, you don't have to worry about who I marry. Anyway, you can give me the household registration book." He looked at me coldly, as if I were a snake, or some other animal, ugly and disgusting, with a look of disgust. I don't dislike him yet! It burned like a hot iron plate and asked me to change his clothes. Are you in such a hurry? He was very happy to say: "The account book is lost. If you are in a hurry, you can go to the Public Security Bureau to reissue it." I don't believe I lost my household registration book. Besides, if I really reissue it, it's not a matter of ten days and a half months at all, and I can't rent the house. As soon as I was in a hurry, I was angry: "What's the matter with you?"? You don't want to see me better, do you? When I was angry, he was happy: "I just don't want you to feel better." Fuck! I'm going to curse again: "You don't see that I just smoothed things over for you in front of the old lady, but also see that I worked so hard to get you to the hospital, how can you have no conscience at all?" "Conscience?" He was aggressive. "Do you have a conscience?" I suddenly collapsed. I didn't. My sister was so good to me. As soon as she died, I tried my best to seduce Lu and Jiang. But Lu and Jiang Mingming didn't like me, and I forced him to marry me. I pushed open the door of the ward with my head down and walked away silently. I stopped a taxi at the gate of the hospital and called the landlord after I got on the bus: "Master, I won't rent the house. I'm sorry." I would rather rent a basement to live in than go back to face the face of Lu and Jiang.
When I moved, Chen Mo went to help me. There were not many things, so I packed them up quickly. Chen Mo was careful and asked me quietly, "I have to go to the public toilet. Are you used to it?" "Isn't this a temporary compromise?"? I'll move when I find a good house. I am pointing to the calabash outside the window to look to him: "You look, inside 2 annulus, push a window to see green, where to look for such house to go?" Chen Mo was amused to burst out laughing. After dinner outside, I walked back to the alley alone. Far away, I saw a good car parked at the entrance of the alley. It was a silver Q7. It was really a good car. Someone leaning against the car is really a talent. It reminds me of a story written by a stepmother a long time ago, in which the man was leaning on the Maybach, and the one standing was called Yushu Linfeng. Have an opportunity should make a Maybach to let Chi Feifan lean on, nevertheless that car is too expensive, estimation Chi Feifan is reluctant to buy, unless resemble Lu and Jiang that kind of exploiting class capitalist still is about the same. Chi Feifan's smile is still so gentle and elegant: "How to move without saying, I will help you." I know that Chen Mo betrayed me, Chen Mo has always been rich can not be licentious, poor can not change, mighty can not bend, is the same as me, not much immunity to handsome men. Chi Feifan accompanied me to walk in the hutong. The end of summer is approaching the most beautiful season in the city. The cool breeze is blowing gently, and the air has already had the breath of autumn. I heard the sound of cicadas on the locust tree. The cicada must have been very lonely. Its companions had already died. It climbed out of the soil, avoided natural enemies and birds, and climbed into the tree to sing for three days. There are many people walking around, including old couples and young couples. The hutongs are all like old neighbors, who greet each other affectionately and have to greet each other, from the uncle and aunt to the little grandson who just went to school. I feel very exclamation, the so-called holding your hand and growing old with you is just two people walking in the alley after dinner. Chi Feifan asked me,aluminium laminated tube, "Why do you always sigh?" I said with a sad face, "Because there are too many people chasing me recently, I am choosy." 。