When the wounded soul is out of body, the red, like blood, can no longer be washed away. Fairy soul.. Chueh-hui shivered when he saw the spirit. Only the immortals who have come down through the plunder will have immortals, this injury. "After falling into the cycle of cause and effect, even the immortal soul will be abolished." Yin Mo's eyes flashed a different color. Is the transmigration of cause and effect a fruit tree? Chueh-hui's heart skipped a beat. Hualien had given him the gift, and of course he knew it. Is there anything else? Does it have that effect? Yin Mo sighed lightly, thinking that Hualien would at most destroy the spirit of the wound, but who knew that she had used a more ruthless method. Now, before she went up, a group of people were thinking about her. After revenge, the black dragon was still hovering over her head, as if it was ready to rush down and control her body. Hualien stood up and looked at Yin Mo. Buddhists talk about saving all sentient beings. What am I? "In my eyes, you are all living beings." Yin Mo looked straight into her eyes and said earnestly. I lied to me again! "I gave you the best choice, but you didn't agree." Yin Mo has an innocent face. I will have my revenge! Hualien gritted her teeth. All right, go to sleep and wake up for revenge. Yin Mo chuckled,Stainless Steel Toilet China, and there was tenderness in his eyes that could not be hidden. He took a step forward and appeared in front of Hualien in an instant. Hualien, as he said, closed his eyes and fell unconscious. Yin Mo raised his hand, and the gold thread that had been wrapped around his hand turned into a big knife and cut it down toward Hualien without hesitation. There was a smile on his face all the time. "I'm waiting for you to come to me." [Text 117 Living in the Mirror of the World] (Please remember the website of Wuwei Character Novel Network (Please remember the website of Wuwei Character Novel Network 117 Living in the Mirror of the World All the people present were stunned by this sudden change, and soon they discovered that Yin Mo's knife had fallen, and although it had hit Hualien,Flush valve price, it had not left a scar on her body, but she had no trace of evil spirit all over her body. Similarly, there is no longer a breath of life flowing "dew". But the black dragon, which had been hovering over Hualien's head, slowly faded under the knife. The black patterns on Hualien's body gradually dissipated. Roar! The black dragon roared to the sky before it dissipated, and the whole world shook. Holding Hualien in one hand, Yin Mo did not look at the black dragon until it disappeared. Chueh-hui did not open his mouth, but he noticed that his disciple's momentum had changed. It was not a change, but he dared not open his mouth or even look directly at it. Yin Mo raised his knife in one hand and cut it down to the ground. "Open," he said in a deep voice. With a bang, the ground was directly cut into a crack, and black flames rushed up from below, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Flush Retrofit Kit, as if to devour Hualien and Yin Mo. Come out At the same time as he spoke, the black'color 'flames had already rolled up Yin Mo's body, but his body'shot' out six golden lights. The flames were instantly extinguished after being stained with golden light. Even the flames that kept rushing up on the ground seemed to be suppressed by the golden light and dared not move any more. Can't you open the door of the underworld with gentle means? A voice came from the bottom of the earth, but no one appeared. Don't talk nonsense. Give me the mirror of the world. Yin Mo has no patience, he said in a cold voice. …… Can't you use a borrowed word? At least I'm willing to do that. After a while, the man complained. Yin Mo did not speak, but frowned. This is a side that Hualien has never seen before. When he was in front of Hualien, he was always careless. Now he is anxious. All right, you're scaring me to death with a black face. At least you're a Buddha. Can't you be gentle? Underground that garrulous voice still did not stop, "and the fairy soul that just came down, is the daughter of Shuide Xingjun, who is so ruthless, even the fairy soul has been disabled, you should know in the world?" "Shut up." Yin Mo gritted his teeth and spit out two words. Sure enough, there was no sound below. A seven-color arc bridge suddenly appeared in the bottomless underground, leading to the foot of Yin Mo. He held Hualien in his arms and walked down step by step without looking back. Until Yin Mo's figure disappeared, the cracks in the ground finally disappeared.
Apart from the disappearance of Yin Mo and Hualien, everything seems to have never happened. The answer to this riddle is only remembered in the hearts of a few people. In this world, there is no more Yin Mo and Hualien. When Hualien regained consciousness, there was the sound of birds singing in her ears, the sound of running water, and the fragrance of flowers between her breathing. When I opened my eyes, the sky was blue and the grass was green. Flowers of different colors are blooming around them, and thumb-sized flower spirits are dancing on them. It's like a fairyland. She propped herself up and recalled what had happened before she fainted. Yes, it was Yin Mo who cut her with a knife. Although she could not move at that time, she could feel it. She thought the knife would kill her, but in fact, it seemed to cut something out of her body, which made her feel relaxed. Anyway, she wasn't ready to forgive the bastard. You finally woke up. After the voice sounded, there was a ripple in the space around Hualien, and then a bald monk appeared in front of her. The monk wore a black cassock, his eyebrows were white, and he had two dimples when he smiled. He didn't look very old, but he didn't know how many years he had lived. And you are "People used to call me Ksitigarbha." The monk continued to laugh. Hualien's eyes are wide open, Ksitigarbha? Did she hear right? "You heard right. This is the underworld. I am Ksitigarbha." “……” Hualien was silent, turned his head and looked around,Time Delay Faucet, and then looked at the man who called himself Ksitigarbha. "This is not like the underworld." "Of course, because you are in the fairy world in the mirror of the world, where the spirit of the fairy is the strongest. Don't you find that you already have the power of the fairy before you cross the sky?" 。