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Cao Puzhao walked up to Zu Tiankai and grabbed his hand without apology because according to his explanation he did not need to apologize to Zu Tiankai "I didn't decide until dawn today" he said "I sent someone to look for you You were drunk in the countryside Anyway I decided to announce it early in the morning so I didn't tell you again Don't take it amiss We are good brothers!" Zu Tiankai had a straight temper After hearing this he was still dissatisfied but he had nothing to say Although the two of them were brothers Cao Puzhao was older than Zu Tiankai for more than ten years At that time he was already fifty years old Zu Tiankai had always admired him so naturally he had to sulk Among the guests some were wise and some were quick to react As soon as they heard Cao Puzhao say that it was only at dawn that he made the decision they quickly estimated what was going on Yesterday was his wedding night It must have been the beauty and gentleness of the bride that made him make such a decision It is naturally better to live in a gentle village than to be on the run in Jianghu And these years of Jianghu career he has already had a big family and a big business and has Environment become a rich man It is wise to take the opportunity to quit Jianghu Zu Tiankai drank for another day and then left without saying goodbye This farewell has been nearly eight years! Zu Tiankai told the story and the Dynasty looked very worried "You" Break up with him on bad terms and he won't give you the precious mirror! Zu Tiankai shook his head "No I left without saying goodbye that time It was just a trivial matter He wouldn't take it to heart" Yin Cha at this time suddenly said a sentence that no one can think of "If he doesn't give it he will rob it!" When the emperor heard this he frowned and said nothing Zu Tian laughed and said "If the three of us want to rob something in the Cao family I'm afraid we can't do it" Brother Cao's family a three-year-old child also knows martial arts If you go to thirty people I'll tell you to go straight in and come out horizontally! Yin Cha had a cold face and did not make a sound The Dynasty asked Yin Cha "How did you hold the precious mirror to him that day" The complexion of Yin Cha is more ugly "Everybody says he is one party hero" I paid a visit and made a request and he agreed but I didn't expect to meet you in a month! Zu Tiankai glared at Yin Cha and said "If you take that treasure you will go to the underworld and stay in the underworld for a long time What good is that" "Don't worry about it Anyway I've made up my mind to get this treasure" At this point he looked at Zu Tiankai and hesitated to speak Zu Tiankai shouted "As long as you can do it just say what you want" He raised his voice to show his determination to do anything for the Dynasty But the Dynasty still wanted to speak and stopped After a long time he said faintly "It depends on your affection for me" When Zu Tiankai heard this he was very happy that the Dynasty had said such a thing Originally only between men and women will appear but the situation between them since special there is such a sentence but also logical China Manufacturers The words of the Dynasty were tantamount to giving Zu Tiankai a chance to show his "affection" and Zu Tiankai was naturally happy But just then Zu Tiankai caught a glimpse of the Dynasty and Yin Cha He quickly exchanged glances Before he could understand why they were doing this Yin Cha already said "Brother Zu this" Don't hesitate to act when the time comes You should be able to tell who is a good friend No matter how big Zu Tiankai was he also saw something strange at this time What he saw was that Yin Cha and the Dynasty seemed to have expected that something would happen when they arrived at Cao's house Therefore they especially the Dynasty have repeatedly hinted that Zu Tiankai will stand on his side Zu Tiankai could stand on the side of the Dynasty when there was a sudden change but he did not understand why the Dynasty and Yin Cha would have expected a conflict-because in his opinion as far as his friendship with Cao Puzhao was concerned it was a matter of hand to ask Cao Puzhao for the "Wishing Mirror"! On the one hand he was familiar with Cao Puzhao's character and on the other hand in his view the "wishing mirror" was not a real treasure except that it could make a wish and its function was to use it to go to the underworld Cao Puzhao has a strong body a lot of money and a lot of children What other wishes does he have Could it be that you really want to leave the world after enjoying all the blessings of the world This is something that Zu Tiankai can't figure out
And this problem until later things evolved to such a terrible Transportation and out of control Zu Tiankai still did not understand He had asked the Dynasty several times after the event and the Dynasty's answer was only "You know as much as I know and you are involved in it from beginning to end How can you still ask me" Indeed from the beginning to the end he was involved in the matter and the answer of the Dynasty made him speechless Moreover every time he asked the Dynasty was bound to be unhappy so over time Zu Tiankai no longer asked had to be an act of God When Zu Tiankai revealed the past to this paragraph Bai Suyang raised his hand and said in a deep voice "Zu Lao you can't say that you participated in it from beginning to end" Zu Tian opened his eyes wide and looked at Bai Su Wesley took a breath and said "Yes it doesn't count" Zu Tiankai saw that both of them said that and thought about it seriously but he still shook his head "He and I are inseparable since the Yin difference" After the guy appeared the situation was the same indeed from the beginning to the end "Before he had finished speaking Wesley interrupted him" Even so between the Dynasty and the Yin Cha as soon as they met on the Yellow Crane Tower and later in the inn there was a talk all night and you don't know what it was about! " As Wesley spoke he looked at Bai Su who nodded in agreement with Wesley's analysis Zu Tiankai was in a daze for a while "He told me that it was Yin Cha who explained to him the use of the precious mirror He had to listen to it repeatedly before he could understand it" Wesley said "That's what he told you not necessarily what they talked about" Zu Tiankai stayed for a long time but his expression was still disapproving It seems that after so many years Zu Tiankai's "affection" for the Dynasty has not diminished at all and he refuses to believe that more than 60 years ago the Dynasty had something to hide from him and cheated him