Originally the marriage of the family is not casual, let alone boyfriend and girlfriend, family girls to find a boyfriend must be tested by the family, otherwise it is not allowed to contact, and Linger's behavior is against the family rules, plus heard that Linger has not rented a house for a long time, a bad feeling in the heart of Rouer. I'm afraid Linger is losing her chastity now, which is a great shame in the family. Although capable people in the family can marry several wives, it does not mean that they are very open, which is also handed down from ancient times. What is the most important thing for a woman in the family? That's chastity. To think that Linger has lost her virginity before she is an adult. Shangguan Rouer could not escape the blame. Hum, hit a fart to hit, call a person to check to me where she is, do not disturb her. I want to see who has stolen my precious granddaughter's heart. Shangguan Tianzheng opened his mouth with dirty words and spoke very roughly, but Shangguan Rouer knew that now Shangguan Tianzheng was really angry, but fortunately it was a hospital, and he did not get angry on the spot. As an ancient family, the Shangguan family has survived in China for thousands of years, which also requires some energy. Otherwise, such an ancient family as them would have been eliminated long ago, and after thousands of years of washing, the roots of the family are getting thicker and thicker. Every city in China basically has their family members, and there are many relationships in the central government. In HZ city,deep draw stamping, it is still very simple to check a person. Of course, it does not mean that you can check it. Shangguan Rouer's third uncle made a phone call, and it took more than three hours to find out. It turned out that Linger and her'boyfriend 'were playing in the good mood playground. At that time, the crowd drove past without stopping. Coincidentally, when Shangguan Rouer and Shangguan Tian were rushing over, Linger just drove her small BMW out of the parking lot in anger, and was seen by Shangguan Rouer who was ready to drive the car to the parking lot. She still recognized Linger's car, otherwise her sister was really in vain. So she turned the car around and ran after it. Although Linger is a sports car,metal stamping parts, after all, it is not as good as Shangguan Rouer's Ferrari. After more than ten minutes of chasing, he passed and forced Linger to pull over. Just now Linger didn't notice anyone chasing her at all. She was just angry and came out to vent. Suddenly, she saw a red Ferrari in front of her blocking her way. Squeak.. The sound of an emergency brake came, but because the speed was too fast, the four wheels were not turning, but the car still rushed forward, but fortunately did not hit Rouer's car, otherwise both of them were miserable, and there were four long black marks on the road. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that there has been an emergency braking situation here. Linger was in a bad mood, did not expect such a thing to happen again, suddenly a burst of anger from the heart, get off is ready to find the owner of the car theory, but when Linger saw the car suddenly dumbfounded, this car she is too familiar with, that is not her sister's car? Suddenly Lingli's face was full of joy, CNC machining parts ,car radiator cap, but there was panic in his heart. He wiped away the tears on his face, walked away with a smile, and knocked on the window gently. Soon, the window did not know that it was in trouble this time. He said happily to Shangguan Rouer. Chapter 192 everything is a coincidence, Khan. The window was open, but Shangguan Rouer in the driver's seat had an ugly face, looking at the lively and lovely Linger with a face of disbelief, she did not believe that Linger would do such a thing, but. The body fragrance of Linger has changed, that is to say, Linger is no longer a girl. Although Shangguan Rouer is a strong girl, but at this time the tears in her eyes can not help but flow out, she did not expect that someone did such a thing to such a small Linger, which is tantamount to destroying Linger, according to clan rules, when she was a minor, it is the biggest taboo, is to be driven out of the family. Tears kept flowing out of Shangguan Rouer's big eyes, biting her lips with her teeth, so that she could not cry out.
When Linger saw her sister's expression and the tears on her face, she finally knew that something was wrong and asked hurriedly, "Sister, what's wrong?"? Did something happen at home? Shangguan Linger how also want to do not know this matter is out of her body, and Shangguan Rouer also do not deny the nod, yes, the family is really going to have an accident, Shangguan Rouer in the heart hurt to think. Sister, what's going on? You tell me! When Linger saw Shangguan Rouer's expression, it didn't look like a joke at all, and she knew that something big must have happened. He asked hurriedly. Squeak.. Just then, the brakes sounded. Linger hurriedly turned around and saw a Mercedes and a Porsche parked behind her BMW. The Porsche Linger was very familiar with. She often sat in the Porsche to play before that. It was her happiest childhood at that time. The owner of the car was more familiar to her, that is, her second grandfather Shangguan Tianzheng. Her heart suddenly perturbed, what happened at home? The second grandfather actually came in person, and in Linger's daze, the Porsche door opened, and a white-haired old man came out of the car, dressed in a black Tang suit, with a gloomy breath on his face, which made people shiver when they saw him. Then a middle-aged man stepped down from the driver's seat of the Porsche, also with a gloomy face. Then two young people came down from the Mercedes-Benz. What was different was that their faces were full of anxiety. When they saw Shangguan Linger, they were even more anxious to wink at Shangguan Linger. Get Shangguan Linger a face of doubt. Yes, these four are Shangguan Linger's second grandfather and her third uncle, as well as two cousins. Linger hurriedly stepped forward with a worried look on her face and said, "Grandpa, Uncle, what are you doing here?" "Well, do you know I'm your grandfather?"? Do you still have my grandpa in your eyes? Haven't you been completely fascinated by that boy yuan Jianfeng? Shangguan Tianzheng Wen Yan, finally could not help,die casting parts, to the spirit son loudly roared out, a face of anger, the air around also followed the cold down. autoparts-dx.com