In this dark night, Bai Zhuiyuan could see clearly that there was a sad mood on Bai Chen's face. His heart was slightly clenched. He wanted to comfort Bai Chen and make him not so sad. He didn't care what was in Bai Chen's head. He only knew that he didn't want Bai Chen to suffer so much. Bai Zhuiyuan also felt that he was very strange, Bai Chen tortured himself like this, he should hate Bai Chen, but he not only did not hate Bai Chen, but also wanted to be good to Bai Chen, wanted to make Bai Chen less painful. Bai Zhuiyuan felt that he had really become strange, but such strangeness did not make him want to stop it. He looked at Bai Chen in front of him, Bai Chen seemed to have made up his mind, then went to his front, he raised his right hand, seemed to want to hold Bai Chuiyuan's shoulder, and finally, he put his hand on Bai Chuiyuan's head. Bai Chen slowly closed his eyes, he felt the soft feeling from the palm of his hand, he told himself that Bai Zhuiyuan was only a child, should not be so abused by him because of his affairs with the Lord God. Even if. The man in front of us is the Lord God. But he shouldn't have done it. After Bai Chen told himself this three or four times, he took his hand back. He said to Bai Zhuiyuan, "You are still a child. I will let you go now. When you become an adult, you will not have a good life." When you become an adult, I will definitely push you into the abyss, so that you can no longer turn over. Bai Chen turned his head. "You go to dinner now,radio shuttle racking, and I'll give you the following." Bai Chen took the lead in going out of the door. He went downstairs. He did not look back at Bai Zhuiyuan. He was afraid that he would waver and change his mind. When he got to the kitchen, he began to pull out a knife. He can't cook, but he has to learn even if he can't cook. No one will take care of themselves for a lifetime. The author has something to say: _ (: 3 ") _ The author almost forgot to post before. Fortunately, at 11:40 in the evening, he suddenly went to Jinjiang to have a look. Otherwise, he just threw it in the manuscript incense and forgot to post a chapter! However Why doesn't orz have a cute little angel jumping out to remind the author? O (// (//)/ (/)) Q Next time, if the author didn't send it and didn't post a notice, he must have thrown it into the storage box and forgot to send it! The lovely little angels can leave their paws to tell the author,Warehouse storage racks, and the author immediately jumps to post! ~y (/≧≦/) Chapter 262 the exiled successor VS the cold-hearted adoptive father. Since the count's death, he had learned that nothing in the world could be relied on. No one is reliable except himself. He won't give up his heart as he once did, never. Chen Bai Chen used his mobile phone to check the following method. Bai Chen can give the cooking work to Bai Zhuiyuan to do, can enjoy Bai Zhuiyuan to cook for himself, but he did not, he just stick to the end. Even in the process, he burned several times, cooked several times, but finally, in the eighth time, he finally cooked the meal. The thing of cooking noodles tells me that I can't give up. Bai Chen put the noodles in front of Bai Zhuiyuan. He also sat down. He stared at Bai Zhuiyuan and said, "I used to be a person who couldn't cook noodles. Even if I cooked noodles, I would cook them very badly." Bai Zhuiyuan didn't know why Bai Chen said this, but when he heard this, he couldn't help saying, Drive in racking system ,Industrial pallet rack, "I can help you cook noodles, I can cook noodles, I can.." "No." Bai Chen just turned his face slightly sideways. He looked ahead. He didn't look at everything in front of him. He just saw someone far away through the darkness in front of him. "I used to think that someone could cook for me for a lifetime. However, it was unrealistic after all, not to mention whether he would go before me." White Chen slowly stood up, his body, in the dark, appears to be quite depressed, his figure stained with a taste of loneliness, his eyes stained with a bit of sadness, "I and his life has not come to an end, we have been too tired, can not go on, but this is not because we encountered in the road." And just because.. Time will take away everything.
” Bai Chen turned his head slightly and looked at Bai Zhuiyuan. "If one day you fall in love with someone, you must not think that you will love him for a lifetime, because it is impossible.". Time can take away everything, can wash away everything, can make people change from possession to loss, like a wheel, constantly turning, until people become nothing, not even life. Bai Chen sat down. He held his chin and said nothing more. He was just thinking deeply. When Bai Chen said this, Bai Zhuiyuan had a lot to say in his heart. He wanted to tell Bai Chen that this was not the case. They could be together. If they really loved each other, they could be together forever. But these words, to the mouth, but can not reveal. Because Bai Zhuiyuan knew that he was still too weak to protect the man in front of him, and that he had no power to prove that what he said was right. He just stared at Bai Chen faintly and imprinted the appearance of Bai Chen in his heart forever. Also from this moment on, I understand why I can't help paying attention to Bai Chen, can't help caring about Bai Chen, can't hate Bai Chen, because Bai Chen is an unusually warm person, but he likes to disguise himself with coldness and indifference. Bai Chen naturally did not know his sudden feeling, let Bai Zhuiyuan have such an idea, he just looked at Bai Zhuiyuan coldly, "After dinner, in the fifth room on the left side of the stairs, take out the clothes you need, rest assured, this is not a lie to you, after you take the clothes, go to take a bath.". I don't want a dirty person in my house. After you wash up, you live in the third room on my right hand side. Remember, don't make a mistake. "Good." Bai Zhuiyuan answered. Can listen to Bai Zhuiyuan so answer, Bai Chen just said, "call father." "Yes, Father." In fact, Bai Zhuiyuan did not like to call Bai Chen's father, because he always felt that when he called Bai Chen's father, his heart was a little stuffy,Narrow aisle rack, and he did not want Bai Chen to be just his father. Bai Zhuiyuan felt that this idea was very inexplicable, he did not want Bai Chen to be his father, and what did he want Bai Chen to be. omracking.com