Dao Duke two years, qi minister Tian Qi killed his son, set up his brother Yang Sheng, is for Dao Duke. Six years, Wu qi. The people of Qi killed the Duke of Dao and set up his son, the Duke of Jian. In the ninth year, Duke Ding of Jin made an alliance with Fuchai, the king of Wu, to fight for a long time in Huangchi, and died first in Wu. Wu Ling, China. Twelve years, qi Tian often kill Jane male, make his brother PingGong, often phase. Thirteen years, Chu Chen. Qin Dao died in the fourteenth year of public administration, and his son Li Gong died in the public administration. Confucius died in the twelfth year of mourning. In the second year of Li Gonggong, the people of Shu came. Sixteen years, beside the river. With soldiers twenty thousand cut big litchi, take its king city. Twenty-one years, early county frequency Yang. Jin takes Wu Cheng. Twenty-four years, Jin chaos, kill Zhi Bo, the state and Zhao, Han, Wei. Twenty-five years, ZhiKai and city people to run. Thirty-three years, felling righteousness canal, Lu its king. Thirty-four years, solar eclipse. Li Gonggong pawn, son impetuous public. Impatient male two years, south Zheng. Thirteen years, yiqu to cut, to Weinan. Fourteen years, impetuous male died, his brother Huai Gong. In the fourth year of the reign of the Duke of Huai, he and his ministers surrounded the Duke of Huai, who committed suicide. Huai Duke prince Yue Zhao son, flea death, the minister is the son of prince Zhao son, is for the spirit. Ling Gong, Huai Gongsun also. Linggong six years, Jincheng less beam, Qin strike. Thirteen years, the city of Gu. Linggong died, the son offered to the public not to stand, set up Linggong Ji Fu mourn son, is for Jane. Jian Gong, the younger brother of Zhao Zi and Huai Childe also. In the sixth year of the reign of the Duke of Jane, he ordered the officials to bring their swords at the beginning. Qianluo. Chengchongquan. Sixteen years died, son Hui public. Hui male twelve years, the son of the son. Thirteen years, cut Shu,Belt Filter Press, take south Zheng. Hui male died, out of the son. Out of the son two years, the common long change to meet the spirit of the son of the public in Hexi and set up. Kill the son and his mother, beside Shen Zhiyuan. In the past, the number of people in the Qin Dynasty changed, and the monarch and his subjects were in chaos, so Jin Fu seized the land west of the Qin River. Offer the first year, stop from death. Two years, the city of Queyang. In the first month of the fourth year, Geng Yin was born to the Duke of filial piety. In the eleventh year, the Taishi of the Zhou Dynasty saw the Duke of Xian and said to him, "Therefore, the Zhou Dynasty and the State of Qin were United and separated from each other. At the age of five hundred, they were reunited. At the age of seventeen, they were United and the overlord came out." Sixteen years, peach and winter flowers. Eighteen years, Yujin Queyang. Twenty-one years, and the Jin war in the stone gate, beheaded sixty thousand,disc air diffuser, the son of heaven with < < < >. Twenty-three years, and Wei Jin war less beam, Lu its general GongSunKui. Twenty-four years, offer the public died, son filial piety, has been twenty-one years old. In the first year of the reign of Xiao Gong, there were six countries in the east of rivers and mountains, together with Qi Wei, Chu Xuan, Wei Hui, Yan Dao, Han Ai and Zhao Chenghou. There are more than ten small countries between Huai and Si. Chu, Wei and Qin meet. Wei built the Great Wall, north of Zheng Binluo, there is a county. Chu from Hanzhong, south of Ba, Qianzhong. Zhou Shiwei, vassal Li Zheng, competing and. When Qin was in Yongzhou, he did not make an alliance with the Chinese princes, but Zhai met him. The Duke of filial piety then cloth benefit, vibration lonely, recruit soldiers, Ming Gong reward. He gave an order to the middle of the kingdom, saying, 'Formerly I, Duke Miao, from between Qi and Yong, cultivated virtue and practiced martial arts. In the east I suppressed the rebellion of Jin, with the river as the boundary. In the west I dominated Rong and Zhai, with a vast territory of a thousand Li. The emperor sent a message to his uncle, and the princes congratulated him. I opened a business for future generations. It was very beautiful. Those who met in the past were fierce, impetuous, simple, and restless. The country was worried about internal affairs, disc air diffuser ,rapid sand filters, not to mention foreign affairs. The Three Jin Dynasty captured the Hexi land of our late emperor, and the princes were inferior to the Qin Dynasty and ugly. When Duke Xian ascended the throne, he settled the border, moved to Queyang, and wanted to cut eastward and restore the old place of Duke Miao, the decree of Duke Miao. I miss the meaning of the late king, often painful in the heart. The guest princes have those who can come up with strange stratagems of the Qin Dynasty, and I respect the officials, and divide the soil with them. So he sent troops to surround the city of Shaanxi in the east and beheaded the original king of Rong in the west. Wei Yang smell is under the order, west into the Qin Dynasty, because of the scene supervisor to see filial piety. Two years, the son of heaven. Three years later, Wei Yang said that Xiao Gong reformed the law and revised the punishment, ploughed the crops internally, and advised the reward and punishment of death in battle externally, and Xiao Gong was good at it. Gan Long, Du Zhi and so on, fight with each other. When he died by the law of martingale, the common people suffered; when he lived for three years, the common people took him. Is thanks to Yang ZuoShuChang. The matter is in Shang Jun's language. Seven years, with the king of Wei Hui Du Ping. Eight years, and Wei yuan, meritorious service. Ten years, Wei Yang for the big good, will be surrounded by Wei Anyi, down. Twelve years, as Xianyang, Ji que, Qin migration. And the small township gather, set for the county, county one, forty-one county. Open fields for the fields. Du Luo in the east. Fourteen years, the beginning of fu. Nineteen years, the son of heaven to uncle. Twenty years, governors BiHe. Qin make childe Shaoguan rate division will governors FengZe, the son of heaven. Twenty-one years, qi defeated Wei Ma Ling. Twenty-two years, Wei Yang Wei, Lu Wei childe. Seal martingale for the Marquis, number Shang Jun. Twenty-four years, and Jin Yanmen, Lu its Wei Cuo. Filial piety died, the son HuiWenJunLi. Is years old, over Wei Yang. Yang at the beginning of the Qin Dynasty, the law does not work, the prince is forbidden. Yang said, "When the law is not carried out, it comes from the nobles.". You must want to do the law, before the prince. "The prince should not be punished, but his teacher." So the law of great use, the rule of the Qin Dynasty.
And filial piety male pawn, prince, imperial clan more resentful martingale, martingale die, because thought against, and pawn car crack to the state of Qin. In the first year of Huiwenjun, people from Chu, Han, Zhao and Shu came to court. Two years, the son of heaven. Three years, crown. Four years, the son of heaven to civil and military. Qi and Wei are kings. Five years later, Yin Jin people's rhinoceros head was made by Daliang. Six years, Wei Na Yin Jin, Yin Jin was renamed Ning Qin. Seven years, childe and Wei war, Lu its dragon Jia, beheaded eighty thousand. Eight years, west of the Weina River. Nine years, crossing the river, take Fenyin, Pi Shi. Meet with the king of Wei. Encircle the focus and drop it. Ten years, Zhang Yi phase Qin. Fifteen counties in Weina County. Eleven years, Yiqu County. To Wei Jiao and Qu Wo. Yiqu Jun is a minister. Renamed Shaoliang Yue Xiayang. Twelve years, early wax. Thirteen years in April Wu Wu, Wei Jun for the king, Han also for the king. Make Zhang Yi cut for Shaan, out of its people and Wei. Fourteen years, more the first year. In the second year, Zhang Yi met with the ministers of Qi and Chu. Three years, Korea, prince Wei. Zhang Yixiang Wei. Five years, the king swim to the north river. Seven years, the orchestra phase Qin. Han, Zhao, Wei, Yan, Qi Shuai Xiongnu attack Qin. Qin make common people long disease and war repair fish, Lu its will Shen Cha, defeat Zhao Childe thirst, Han Taizihuan, beheaded eighty-two thousand. Eight years, Zhang Yifu phase Qin. Nine years, Sima cut Shu, destroy it. Felling Zhao Zhongdu and Xiyang. Ten years, prince Han Cang to quality. Cut down Han Shizhang. Defeat Zhao will mud. Cut down the twenty-five cities of Yiqu. Eleven years, in the disease attack Wei Jiao, down. Defeated Han Anmen, beheaded ten thousand, the rhinoceros head walk. Childe Tongfeng in Shu. Yan Jun let his courtiers. Twelve years, the king and the king of Liang will face Jin. Common long disease attack Zhao, Zhao Zhuang Lu. Zhang Yixiangchu. In the thirteenth year, Shu Changzhang attacked Chu in Danyang, captured its general Qu, and beheaded eighty thousand people. He also attacked Chu in Hanzhong, took six hundred Li of land, and set up Hanzhong County. Chu around Yongshi, Qin made the common long disease to help Han and attack Qi in the east, to help Wei attack Yan in Manchuria. Fourteen years, cut Chu,rapid sand filters, called Ling. Dan, plough minister, Shu phase strong kill Shu Hou to drop.