Tan Jiaqi looked back at Tian Wenxiu and followed closely behind the two slaves. Turning a screen, the scenery changed again, only to see colorful lights, flowers and forests lined the road, ponds and marshes, curtains hanging down the door, a few beautiful women in red and green clothes, spring breeze walking through the two corridors of bluestone road. One of the slaves suddenly turned around and bowed his head to Tan Jiaqi and said, "Would you like to meet Little Luo Cheng and Bai Yushuang?" "No," said Tan Jiaqi. Walking through a courtyard, the scene changed again. A white stone path ran through a flower forest. The place was quiet and elegant, unlike the noisy front yard. A few green bamboos hung high with white gauze palace lanterns, which had another elegant atmosphere. After walking along the white stone path, we came to a cross-courtyard, which was unique, surrounded by high walls and closed by red doors. One of the slaves who was leading the way knocked lightly on the door with his hand, and a clear voice immediately came out of the door. "Who is he?" He asked. With the sound of shouting and asking, the two doors opened wide, and a young girl in Tsing Yi, standing at the door, blocked the way. "This old man has come to visit Miss Shui in admiration of her fame," said the servant with a smile. "Let me know if there is a girl who is annoyed with Bitao." The girl in Tsing Yi looked at Tan Jiaqi from head to foot. "What's your name?" She asked. Tan Jiaqi secretly said, "a prostitute has such a big shelf!" But thinking of this, I had no choice but to reply, "My surname is Tan. I have long admired the beautiful name of Yuhuatai Water Girl. I am pregnant with a daughter and have come to visit her." Bitao said,ceramic igniter electrodes, "Although our girl is in this cheap business, she is different. Even if she spends a lot of money, she may not be able to buy her a smile. Do you know the rules of meeting my girl?" Tian Wenxiusheng was afraid that Tan Jiaqi would get angry and do a bad thing. He quickly said, "Our proprietor has already heard that these two little brothers have changed. If our proprietor doesn't want to abide by the rules of the water girl, he won't come to see the water girl." "That's very good," said Bitao. "Please come in and sit down." Tan Jiaqi and Tian Wenxiu entered the door, but the two slaves turned away. Bitao took advantage of the situation to close the wooden door and took them to a guest room. "You two are sitting in this hall," she said. "I'll inform the girl." Say that finish, also do not wait for two people to answer,Kamado bbq grill, turn around and walk away. When Bitao stepped out of the door, the soft curtain in the left corner was activated, and a girl in Tsing Yi slowly walked out again, with her hair braided and her shoulders hanging down. She smiled at Fu Xi and held a jade plate in her hand. She walked with a beautiful step. She leaned forward and said with a smile, "Little maidservant, apricot red, please have tea with the distinguished guest." Serve the tea tray with both hands. Tian Wenxiu, dressed as a servant, stood behind Tan Jiaqi's seat and said, "Don't forget to put down the reward after the tea. The heavier the reward, the better." Tan Jiaqi felt his hand in his bosom and took out a piece of gold leaf. He threw it on the tea tray, took the auspicious king's cup, and placed it on a few tables. Although the water was full of the beautiful skills of the famous goods in Chang'an City, all of them were wealthy businessmen, but like Tan Jiaqi, it was so heavy for a maidservant. Although it was not unique, it was not much. The red apricot looked at the golden leaf and said in a low voice, ceramic bobbin element ,steatite c221, "Thank you for your generous reward." Bow a salute, quietly step down. Just listen to a tiny sound of footsteps spread for one, the door curtain started to come in a blue dress and blue dress peerless beauty. But seeing her eyes, she glanced at Tan Jiaqi and suddenly smiled. She walked slowly over and said, "May I ask your name?" As soon as he lifted his skirt, he sat down beside Tan Jiaqi. Tan Jiaqi secretly praised: "In terms of appearance alone, the fruit is a beautiful country and a beautiful city, a generation of beauty." The man in blue did not hear Tan Jiaqi's answer, but his eyes kept looking at her face. With a soft smile, he stretched out a pair of jade palms and five slender fingers. He lifted the lid of the jade cup and said in a charming voice, "Please have tea." Tan Jiaqi picked up the cup and said, "I dare not, I dare not. I'll do it myself." She saw a pair of hands as beautiful as jade, snow-white, pale red, slender fingers, half bent and half stretched, wearing a jade wrist between the wrist, looks even more beautiful. She gently put down the lid of the king's cup in her hand and said softly, "My name is Shui Yingying. May I ask the distinguished guest?" "The voice is like the yellow camp of the valley, tactful and crisp, moving to the extreme." As soon as Tan Jiaqi's heart moved, he thought, "It seems to be so beautiful. It's really rare in the world." Then he replied, "The girl is just like her name. Tan Dahe had the honor to meet the beauty.".
” Although he was fascinated by the beauty of the water, he still remembered the matter of looking for the dart in his heart and deliberately reported a false name. Shui Yingying asked, "Did Tan Zhuangshi come a long way?" Tan Jiaqi said, "I've heard of her fame and beauty, so I've come a thousand miles to visit her. I'm on a fast journey. Before the wind and dust stop, I went to see her overnight. Fortunately, I didn't refuse her a thousand miles away." Shui Yingying smiled and said, "Master Tan's words are too serious. She's a heartbroken woman. She lives in the dust and sells her smile. I'm very grateful to Master Tan. How lucky I am to be a concubine.." With a slight pause in his voice, he answered in a loud voice, "Bitao and Hongxing, tell them to serve wine to welcome Master Tan." Tan Jiaqi took the opportunity to put down the jade cup in his hand and said, "I'm here to pay my respects to the girl first." Shui Yingying smiled and said, "Don't mention it, Master Tan. This is not a place to welcome guests. Please come and sit in the inner hall."! Please forgive my impoliteness and take the first step to lead the way! Lianbu Shanshan went out of the room. Tan Jiaqi is at a loss. Looking back at Tian Wenxiu, he was about to ask a question when Tian Wenxiu's voice sounded in his ears and he said, "Brother Tan, go with her!"! After the wine, leave immediately, leaving a heavy gift. At this moment, brother Tan can shout at me. You're welcome. Tan Jiaqi said in his heart, "Although you say that, how can I say it when I call you around?" Thought in the heart, but the man walked behind the water. Bypassing a flower bed, he ascended five stone steps and entered a small and elegant guest room. In the four corners of the room, there were four tassel palace lanterns, which illuminated the room brightly. On a table of eight, delicacies were listed, wine was fragrant, peaches and apricots were smiling, and Tan Jiaqi was seated. Tian Wenxiu stood behind Tan Jiaqi. Shui Yingying turned her eyes and said,cordierite c520, "Red Apricot, you take your little brother to eat something. Uncle Tan's servant, you should be kind to him." 。