Ye Tian Wen Yan gave a wry smile, according to his plan, this company is full of calculation from the old pull to the staff on their own, with such a large space? After seeing the expression on Ye Tian's face, Wei Hongjun guessed what Ye Tian was thinking. He immediately said with a smile, "," Ye Tian, after putting office appliances inside, it won't look big. Do you need any changes? Say to Uncle Wei,, "p did it properly." Ye Tian pushed open the glass doors of the other two offices and looked at them and said, "It really needs to be changed. Mr. Chen, do you have a pen and paper?" "Yes, yes, Mr. Ye, wait a moment, I'll bring it right away." General Manager Chen nodded repeatedly and rushed out with a degree completely inconsistent with his figure. After about a minute, he trotted back to the office with a stack of four copies of paper. Ye Tian took the pen and paper, walked in from the door, measured the distance with his feet, drew on the paper with a pen, and wandered around the 200 square meters for nearly half an hour before stopping. "Uncle Wei, this project is not small. The place here needs to make a pattern of the Eight Diagrams. In addition, the glass window should be knocked out and replaced by a wooden screen. It's better to have an aquarium at the door and put some green potted plants behind it.." Ye Tian took the plan just drawn by the net, pointed to the lines on the drawing,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and introduced it to Wei Hongjun. After roughly speaking out his ideas, he finally said: "Uncle Wei," you take this drawing, how many lines do you need to make a budget, and I'll transfer the money to you.. " Smiling, Wei Hongjun waved his hand, flicked the drawing in his hand, and said, "Well, what line doesn't cost money? How much can this little project cost? Don't worry about it. Uncle Wei will buy it for you.." After hearing Wei Hongjun's words,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, Chen Zong, who had been following Wei Hongjun all the time, suddenly froze. He had just listened to Ye Tian's arrangement in his ears. If he really followed the decoration specifications, I'm afraid he couldn't do it at all. Originally Chen always thought that he sent out the office of the favor is not small, but he did not think that Wei boss's handwriting is not worse than him, the heart of Ye Tian's identity, more and more curious. "Uncle Wei, friendship is friendship, and business is business. You pay for this line first, and I'll give you a year's consultation fee for your company later. How about that?" For Wei Hongjun's mind, Ye Tian is to accept everything, listen to the side of Chen Zong is more and more confused, what consultation is so expensive ah? Does it cost two or three hundred thousand yuan a year? "Cough." General Manager Chen could not suppress the curiosity in his heart. After coughing, he hesitated and asked, "Mr. Ye, you.." What kind of business does this company do? "It's a consulting company, and on the opening day, mirror stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, I'll invite Mr. Chen to play baseball." Ye Tian smiled, and did not say much, his business scope is somewhat unspeakable, it is estimated that the early stage or rely on Wei Hongjun and Sha Lingxiao to help him solicit business. "Certainly, certainly, Director Sha, you see this is all cattle, or." Would you like to have a simple meal with me? Seeing that Ye Tian refused to say more, General Manager Chen was also very sensible and did not ask any more questions. "Forget the meal, there's a meeting to go back." Sha Lingxiao shook his head and took a look at Mr. Chen's sincere face. After a pause, he lowered his voice slightly and said: "Recently, some adjustments may be made to the stamp tax on the stock market. Mr. Chen, you should be psychologically prepared.." "Thank you, thank you, Director Sha, and ask the leaders to give more advice in the future." Hearing Sha Lingxiao's words, General Manager Chen was overjoyed. Although the news may not be very important, it expressed the kindness of Director Sha who received his favor. Naturally, he could get closer to him in the future. The company's decoration is handled with the help of Wei Hongjun, while the business license is handled by Sha Lingxiao. Ye Tian is the boss, but the days are the same as usual, and there is no obvious change.
Of course, Ye Tian was not idle either. He took the calligraphy and paintings of modern celebrities left by his master to a famous yuan paste shop in Dashilan to install apes. This cost Ye Tian nearly 60,000 yuan, which was the biggest expense of Ye Tian's company. By the time the company finished decorating the cattle business license, the good calligraphy and paintings were also hung in the company by Ye Tian, which made the whole company full of a strong cultural atmosphere. Of course, the ordinary glass door was also changed into anti-theft glass by Ye Tian, and equipped with electronic locks and monitors, as long as there is a slight sign of trouble, the building's monitoring room can respond immediately. Firecrackers have been banned in Beijing since a few years ago, but when businesses open, they naturally have ways to deal with it. Move a stereo and take a tape recorder, and the "crackling" firecrackers will naturally ring up. "Uncle Wei, you." Is it too exaggerated? Looking at the long row of blue flowers at the entrance of the building and the company card hanging next to the name of the securities company covered by red silk, Ye Tian smiled bitterly. Than: First, a little Calvin, but today there must be three, also love friends a lot of support, well, free recommendation ticket is good, if there is a monthly ticket, the eye is grateful, ha ha To be continued, if you like this work, you are welcome to click: Top, I like your support, is my greatest motivation. This hand play is provided by "Li Ping, the sailing group, I am". Chapter 147 Opening of Business (II). Ye Tian has nothing to do with Beijing except a few relatives.
(724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m) He wanted to hang a sign in front of the company and start a low-key business. In his line of work, he relies on contacts and word of mouth, not selling products, expecting tourists to go in and buy, so whether the opening is lively or not, Ye Tian is not very concerned. Unexpectedly, early this morning,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, there was an endless stream of people delivering Hu Hu baskets, and the signatures on them were all different. Ye Tian just wandered around there for a long time and saw several inexplicable names. At this time, he was still stunned and did not understand what intersection he had with the Chinese Photographers Association? He's never used a point-and-shoot camera in his life. sxthsteel.com