With a wonderful sense of understanding, the black knife did not move. The essence of the blood beads sank into the body of the black knife in an instant, and the black knife felt a burst of comfort all over his body. Displaying the consumption of the demigod boundary instantly added back, and the strength also seems to have improved a little bit, in an instant, the silk of enlightenment just now, let him understand that his own field is not so simple, because he has the blood of vampires, but also mixed with the wonderful blood-sucking function, such a magical field, with a variety of blood capabilities, he can not understand. This is also very rare in my own knowledge. Oneself bloodline is very miscellaneous now, be a bastard? Such a thought, the black knife mercilessly spat a mouthful of saliva, oneself have a disease, how can think so? Did not expect that spit unexpectedly immediately broke through a little devil, now these little devils saw such a strange scene, has long been scared silly, the leader hugged the phone as a life-saving straw, seems to be kneeling down in general, some crotch directly wet. Eight squares! More is roaring, crazy rushed up, it can be seen that these dwarfs are not useless, otherwise they would not exist to the present. The black knife laughed in front of the nearest devil, because the force was too strong, the devil's body cracked directly, the speed of the black knife was too fast,inflatable amusement park, as if there were several black knives, in a short time, all the devils were blown into pieces, so that the ground around the black knife was covered with minced meat, intestines and so on. Ha ha, this is the power of a demigod! In reality, so powerful can make the black knife very happy, the heart suddenly came out of a heroic spirit, wish now to clean up the civilized devils, to the earth people out of breath. The blood in the field slowly melted into each other,inflatable amusement park, forming a huge blood bead, which quickly sank into the body of the black knife. It was a very comfortable feeling. It was great. It made the state of the black knife reach the best level. But in an instant, the black knife was startled. A touch, as expected, he had two more fangs. Depend on it, he would not turn Lao Tzu into a vampire. Suddenly hurriedly put away the boundary of the field. With the rapid withdrawal of the field, the black knife found that his fangs had disappeared, and immediately breathed a sigh of relief, "Grandma, a false alarm." Shit, I'm in a cold sweat for nothing! The black knife swore and muttered. Just now that frightened, also let the black knife calm down a lot, the divine consciousness found that the enemy was very close, immediately pressed the impulse to attack, after all, as the Lord of a city, he knew that he did so, even if he could destroy the army of Locke civilization, but it would only bring harm, Inflatable mechanical bull ,Inflatable water obstacle course, never good, it was equal to striking the grass to frighten the snake. After all, the current Earth still does not want to let Locke civilization pay too much attention, or send a large army, but to act, it is necessary to wipe out the enemies on the Earth, and finally have the ability to protect the Earth. Body flash, black knife has gone to the distance, with the strength of this demigod, God completely grasped the enemy's movement, easily escaped their encirclement. Mobile phone novel network anytime, anywhere to enjoy the fun of reading! Chapter 547 magic stick troops. Has been extremely fast to the city of the fierce wolf, as if the air across a shadow, ordinary people even see will only think that they are dazzled, black knife ahead of time relying on the divine scanning, the mind has already emerged in the underground channel, did not take a wrong way, it is easy to break through the encirclement of Locke civilization, in the other side did not find the situation to the city of the fierce wolf. Back to the reality of the Wolf City, here is still the same as before, and did not find anything wrong, the black knife this just breathed a sigh of relief, at the same time the heart is also ecstatic, it seems that only in reality with the strength to let him feel really real and down-to-earth ah, even if that is also a real world. At this time, the black knife did not disturb anyone, the whole city of fierce wolves did not know that their Lord was captured in reality, everything was still being carried out, the only thing to talk about was the announcement of the system, after the divine knowledge method, and many of them had made great achievements.
The black knife's divinity carefully scanned the territory leased to the Earth Alliance, and clearly saw that the Earth Alliance was under close surveillance by his men. Remembering that these guys had risked their lives to use unconventional weapons against themselves, he could not help but see that the biggest enemy was the aliens, and he could only hold back. Passed the divine consciousness. The voice spread directly to the minds of some younger brothers, the eldest brother appeared this magical ability to surprise them, one by one excited, quickly in accordance with the orders of the black knife to carry out. Black knife also did not stay more, came directly to the front of the game equipment, with his current strength, has been able to directly lock the mental power and the game space frequency, according to the coordinates left by the ghosts into the game. But worried about the reality of the body, so the black knife is still going to be a little safer through the game equipment. At this time, the black knife does not need eyes to see, everything around is scanned into the mind through the divine consciousness, it can be said that there is no visual dead angle in such a special state, the resistance to sneak attacks and so on is greatly strengthened, and even many items are directly seen through by the divine consciousness. The black knife is about to enter the game. Suddenly the body a meal, the facial expression slightly changed, hurriedly concentrated the divine consciousness strength to scan to somewhere of the game equipment. The result of the scan quickly appeared in my mind. It was a small particle, like some kind of crystal, emitting strange energy fluctuations and colorful light. It was obvious that there was a powerful divine power emanating from it. Boy, this is a pure energy body condensed by divine power. It is absolutely the treasure of treasures. Obviously, this reward comes with this special game device itself, and I don't even know that I have this good thing around me. Divine crystal. Suddenly, the black knife emerged the relevant information from the plane merchant. This is a more popular high-grade goods, but also the main currency between God and God, rely on, how I did not notice before, it seems to help themselves repair their mental strength is mainly by his energy, this is a good thing ah. Black knife thought so,Inflatable outdoor park, but the body has been moving rapidly, came to the game equipment. He grabbed the precious particle directly and held it in his hand. Looking at the colorful light it emits, it is very beautiful.