"I was killed." As soon as Qu Yun looked up, he suddenly saw the sign on the door of the laboratory-sunflower. The logo was a little abstract before, but now he thinks it's a sunflower! Suddenly thinking of Ling Mo in the subconscious world and he discussed the color of the sunflower, Qu Yun found that the color of the logo is yellow. But Ling Mo told him it was red. Ling Mo also said that when Qu Yun and the sunflowers he saw were all red, they could wake up together! At that moment, Qu Yun read Ling Mo's hint. His mind suddenly had another guess, but he had to see Ling Mo again! "You were killed, so it's normal for you to break away from Ling Mo's conscious world and wake up." Jiang Cheng turned his face sideways and looked at the degree on the instrument. "Your heartbeat frightened me just now." "Nonsense. You've been shot in the heart." Qu Yun carefully observed Jiangcheng. Sorry, Professor Ling is still not awake. But when you're out, his consciousness is the most active it's ever been. But it's like being bound by something and never being able to break through the bottleneck. Qu Yun can't wait to see Ling Mo again, but he knows that he must hold on, if Jiangcheng is from the massive dynamic group to get the "exile island" mission report, how can the report not mention the rigorous undercover identity? Also How can I suddenly remember that rigorous is undercover? Who the hell told him? A picture suddenly flashed into my mind. He and someone were sitting on the plane. The other's beautiful fingers picked up the ice with a clip and put it into the coke in front of him. He said slowly: "In my life,Nail machine supplier, Mo Xiaobei was my brother, Lu Xiao was my friend, and rigorous was the only comrade-in-arms I trusted in exile island, but they all left me in the end.". So Qu Yun, don't be like them,wire nail making machine, just to leave traces in my memory and disappear immediately. The person who has always appeared in his memory. It must be Ling Mo! He has to prove it, he has to go deep again! Maybe we all used the wrong method. You've dived three times in a row with no results.. And this time your body obviously can't stand it. We can't let you risk your life. Jiang Cheng said solemnly to Qu Yun. But Qu Yun could feel that there was a big difference in attitude between Jiangcheng this time and the previous ones. Before Jiang Cheng has been persuading Qu Yun, Ling Mo must wake up to save a lot of people, so in the measure of Ling Mo wake up and Qu Yun's life, it is clear that Ling Mo is worth Qu Yun to risk his life. Unless Jiang Cheng also knew that he was getting closer and closer to their secret, so he became alert. Don't be too anxious, don't let Jiangcheng be suspicious, calm down and retreat in order to advance. I don't think it's a good idea to go on like this. You really should find someone that Professor Ling trusts more to sneak into his mind. Qu Yun exhaled a breath. Let's send you back to have a good rest first. "Well, I want to ask." How is Chen Dayong's situation? "His condition is very bad, and you have to be prepared to lose him." Jiang Cheng pressed Qu Yun's shoulder hard. Qu Yun froze there and exhaled. How long can he hold out? Maybe the next moment, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail machine manufacturer, maybe tomorrow. But In either case, he won't last long unless Professor Ling suddenly wakes up. "Can I see Dayong?" Jiang Cheng shook his head: "He is now being treated in isolation." “…… I understand your difficulties. It's just, if he really.. Really that something. Please be sure to inform me. Qu Yun said in a difficult voice. All right In this way, Qu Yun left Jiangcheng's research room and was sent back to his home.
He slept for a day, watching the news that how many people died because of this virus, Qu Yun's heart inexplicably anxious, he had to worry that if his guess and judgment was wrong, he left Jiangcheng's research room so easily, did he kill his partner Chen Dayong? Although because of the "Hale" virus spread, the streets are very depressed, Qu Yun still can not bear to walk around the heart, came to the flower and bird market. Most of the shops are closed, and only a few shops selling cactus and meat are still in operation in the former flower and bird market. Qu Yun passed by a flower shop and was attracted by the sunflowers on the ground. Then he found that all the sunflowers were yellow! Qu Yun's shoulders trembled slightly, quietly observing everything around him. As soon as he got home and sat down to make a bowl of instant noodles, the doorbell rang. At that moment, Qu Yun's lips, holding a plastic fork, were slightly raised. He knew that Jiangcheng would come to him again! The moment Qu Yun opened the door and saw Jiang Cheng, she showed a surprised and worried expression: "Dr. Jiang, what are you doing here?"? Is it Dayong. "Chen Dayong may not make it through tonight." But we can't find anyone else or a way to get close to the deepest part of Professor Ling's subconscious. Although after the last deep dive, you are in a very bad state, from breathing to heartbeat, I am very worried.. I also understand that asking you to take risks for others is.. "You mean, if I go deep again, I might die, right?" Because no one has ever dived into another person's subconscious so many times as you have, so no one has ever had such obvious side effects as you have.. But only you can get close to Professor Ling's world. If you don't want to try again, all the people infected with the virus will die. Jiang Cheng looked at Qu Yun with a kind of pleading and pious eyes. You come in first, I need to think about it. Qu Yun returned to the sofa and continued to eat his instant noodles. Jiang Cheng sat on the sofa opposite him, clasping his knees nervously. Qu Yun, every second of your hesitation,wire nail machine manufacturers, Chen Dayong may lose his breath and heartbeat. After eating the instant noodles, Qu Yun sighed and said to Jiang Cheng, "This may be the last time I taste the instant noodles." "So.." You said yes? 。 3shardware.com