When Lu Dahai went to sea, he also met several barbarian women, but it was the first time he had seen such a beautiful woman. Although she looked strange, she was wearing a fashionable red dress in the south of the Yangtze River, holding a Persian cat in her arms, and her whole body was lazy and lovely. Old man. The woman's Mandarin was clear and crisp. "Do you know Yao Village?" When Lu Dahai heard this, he was secretly amazed. "Not far, five miles to the west," he replied. "Thank you very much," said the girl with a smile. As he spoke, he stroked the neck hair of the Persian cat. The Persian cat looked sideways at Lu Dahai, and there was something sinister in his blue eyes. Lu Dahai felt a chill in his heart, but the barbarian girl chuckled and said, "Fomalhaut, don't be naughty." As he spoke, he reached out his hand and scratched the cat's neck. The cat itched and shrank its body and lowered its eyelids. The chill in Lu Dahai's heart was scattered here, but he felt confused. The barbarian girl smiled again and said, "Old man, let me remind you again that you can't eat the plums on the roadside." "Why can't you eat it?" Lu Dahai asked. The barbarian girl grinned and did not answer. She walked to the west. She walked slowly, but when she landed, she was ten feet away. Lu Dahai was afraid of being dazzled, and when he rubbed his eyes and looked again, the barbarian girl had disappeared. Lu Dahai suddenly broke out in a cold sweat and said, "Darling, is it possible that Lu has a bad time and meets a female ghost in the daytime?" Think of here, the heart is confused, I do not know why, unexpectedly can not condense the spirit. So suddenly walked for a while,Small Geared Motors, through a path, warm wind salty wet, blowing in bursts. Lu Dahai looked up and saw that the misty waves were vast, the sea was boundless, and the clouds hung down from the sky, like a dragon drinking water. He could not help but feel open-minded and roar. Before the whistling stopped, someone laughed and said, "Is Grandpa back?" In a twinkling of an eye, Lu Dahai saw a dangerous cliff on the far shore of Changsha. There was a hut on the cliff. In front of the hut, a commoner boy was repairing a fishing net. When he saw him,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, he put down his work and got up to greet him. "Hello, Jianer," said Lu Dahai with a sneer. The boy was seventeen or eighteen years old, with a slightly dark complexion and beautiful features. Hearing this, he frowned and said, "I'm fine. Grandpa is so polite, but he's not very good." Lu Dahai was stared at by him, like an awn on his back, and felt uncomfortable. "Have you lost all your money selling fish again?" Asked the boy. "What language?" Lu Dahai blushed, "I changed money to go home. On the way, I suddenly saw someone selling plums, so I bought you some to quench your thirst." Then he took out a plum from his pocket and stuffed it into the boy's hand. The boy hesitated to take it and took a bite, but he felt bitter and almost spit it out. Originally, the plum tree was born on the roadside, countless pedestrians passed by, but the fruit was as rich as before, the reason was that it was too sour and bitter, so that no one picked it and let it grow. Lu Dahai stared at the young man without taking his eyes off him. He frowned slightly and then stretched out. His heart began to fall to the ground. The young man sighed, "Did you exchange all this money for plums?" Lu Dahai laughed, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, touched the back of the boy's head, and said, "My son is so clever that he can make a guess.". How's it going? Are the plums delicious? The boy nodded and said, "These plums are big and sweet. They're really delicious. But you can't fill your stomach with fruit. Next time there's a good glutinous rice cake. Can you buy me two?" Lu Dahai was stupefied and said with a forced smile, "Yes, look at my memory. When I was in high spirits, I changed all my money for plums and forgot to buy rice." The boy kept silent and went to mend the net. Lu Dahai's hands were idle for a long time. Suddenly he heard thunder in his belly. Looking at a bag full of plums, he felt that his mouth was full of saliva. He thought that his grandson had said that the plums were delicious, so he might as well eat two to satisfy his hunger. Immediately took out one, just stuffed into the mouth, the old face was frowned into a ball, busy to spit out the pulp. When the boy heard the noise, he looked back and laughed. Lu Dahai only hated that he had no access to the earth. When he was ashamed, he looked for words and said, "Jian'er, let's not mention the matter of money for the time being. Once we mention it, we will feel vulgar.". But when I came home today, I met two strange things. I'll tell you about them.
"Without raising his head, the boy said," Is it the orangutan who grabs the clothes this time, or the yaksha who forces him to gamble? " When Lu Dahai was traveling abroad in his early years, he saw and heard of many strange things, so every time he lost all his money, he could not help but borrow some strange stories to prevaricate. For example, when he came back from losing all his clothes, he said that orangutans looked like human beings and liked to wear human clothes. On his way home, he was robbed by a group of orangutans. Not only did he lose his clothes and trousers, but his money was also lost; Or is passing by the seaside, suddenly the waves split, jumped out of a yaksha, bent on forcing gambling, Lu Dahai can not resist, had to sigh with a Bo, that yaksha is not a demon, powerful, their own lost everything, is also a matter of course. In addition, there are groups of seagulls who peck all the rice and flour they have bought, and dragons who gather treasures to steal people's money bags and drag them to the caves for collection. In a word, it's hard for this old man to talk nonsense. As soon as Lu Dahai heard what the young man had said, his face was slightly hot. Fortunately, his complexion was dark and covered with shame. Just as he was about to say those two strange things, he suddenly felt empty in his mind. He couldn't remember what was going on. After thinking hard for a long time, he suddenly patted his forehead and shouted, "Oh, Grandpa is old. Why can't he remember good things?" The boy was surprised and amused, but the grandfather, who was a rascal by nature, was not surprised, and he just laughed and did not take it to heart. Lu Dahai was so hungry that he lifted the pot and searched the stove, but no grain of rice was seen. "Have you nothing to eat, Jianer?" He asked. "Wait for you to buy rice for the pot," said the boy. Lu Dahai choked and stammered, "Do you have any fish?" "Didn't you sell it?" Asked the boy. "You don't have to be angry with me." Lu Dahai became angry from embarrassment. "Give me the net and I'll catch two fish to fill my stomach." "Didn't you see that the net was broken by the fish?" Asked the boy. "It's being mended." Lu Dahai was at his wits' end. He paced up and down in a huff. Suddenly he clapped his hands and said with a smile, "It doesn't matter.". I heard from the people in the town that today is the birthday of Yao Daguanren. Yao Daguanren has a big birthday feast. Let's go and congratulate him. Maybe we can earn a good meal. Speaking of this, it seems that the mountain and sea delicacies on the birthday feast are all in front of us, and we can't help swallowing saliva. The young man shook his head and said, "The Yao family is fierce and bad. They never look people in the eye. It would be strange if he let you into the village." Lu Dahai said, "Today is different from the past. As long as the old man says to me, 'Longevity is better than Nanshan, and happiness is like the East China Sea,Brushless Gear Motor,' and then makes two bows and kowtows, even if I can't sit at the main table and get some leftovers, it's still good." 。