Is he rich and powerful? We don't have it? Wang Guifen immediately retorted, "Hum, if you are rich and powerful, who can compare with our little Yang?" Zhao Ying listened to her mother's words and blushed. How did Yang Ming become our family? "Mom, can you not compare these with others?"? What's the use? Zhao Ying said with displeasure, "You are the same. Aren't you the same as those people?" Although Wang Guifen didn't listen to Zhao Daquan, she still listened to what Zhao Ying said. She counted on her daughter for the rest of her life, so she laughed and said, "I'm just saying."? I don't have the same experience as them. Zhao Daquanxin said, you would like to have the same experience as them, but if Yang Ming doesn't come into the room, how can you see? Driving back to Songjiang, Yang Mingcai remembered that Shuya had given herself a gift yesterday, but she left in a hurry this morning, did not take it away, and put it in heaven and earth. Just as Zhao Ying's family is very tired, Yang Ming sent them back, they all want to rest, Yang Ming will not bother, directly rushed to heaven and earth. Sui Guangheng finally found Zou Ruoguang after many inquiries. However, Zou Ruoguang was beaten differently,outdoor ficus tree, and his face was dented. Originally Zou Ruoguang wanted to say that he was a member of the Sui family, but before he could open his mouth, he was beaten by the big fellow, and then he was given a chance to speak. Zou Ruoguang said that he was a member of the Sui family, and the big fellow stopped. However, the play is doomed to suffer in vain, the big fellow, Sui Guangheng really can not afford to provoke! This big fellow is no special identity,fake ficus tree, just a vagrant small hoodlum. But the brother of the big fellow was his uncle, that is, the driver of Sui Guangqi's father, when Sui Guangqi's father was besieged, the brother of the big fellow was desperate to save Sui's father, but he was hacked to death. Therefore, the uncle takes good care of the driver's younger brother, giving him a large sum of living expenses every month, and with the support of the uncle, it can be said that he is fearless. With this layer of festival, Sui Guangheng also helpless, move this person is not equal to hit uncle's face? Therefore, this tone also had to endure, but put this account on Yang Ming's body. Rest assured, artificial grass panels ,artificial banyan trees, if light, this account brother wrote down, there is a chance to give you back, can not let you be beaten in vain! Sui Guangheng said angrily. As for the car, Sui Guangheng didn't care much about it. He paid the fine and drove it out. The Sui family was rich, not bad. Zou Ruoguang listened to cousin this sentence, know that the hope is slim, Yang Ming has returned to Songjiang, but also how to find someone to settle accounts? The power of the Sui family could not spread to Songjiang, just like last time, he was beaten in vain. However, Zou Ruoguang's heart is to hold a grudge against Yang Ming, pondering whether to return to Songjiang, to find a way to retaliate. Yang Ming came to heaven and earth and was about to go upstairs when he suddenly felt a man running out behind him. Yang Ming immediately became alert. When the man approached, he suddenly turned around and grabbed the man's arm. "What are you going to do?" He asked. "Ah.." That person also was frightened jump, immediately busy way: "Let go of me … …" I mean no harm, you.. Are you Yang Ming? (Just read the book.) Yang Ming nodded, but looked suspiciously at the man in front of him, who looked vaguely familiar, but really couldn't remember where he had seen him. Who are you? Yang Ming did not answer the man's words, but asked in reply. My surname is Su, Su Haikuo. We've met before. Said Fu's man.
"Ah!" Yang Ming listened to the name after a Leng, then suddenly remembered! Isn't this Su Haikuo Suya's father? No wonder it looks familiar, but Su Haikuo was not so lucky now, so it is reasonable that Yang Ming did not recognize it for a while! However, knowing the true identity of the man in front of him, Yang Ming immediately became excited! Saw Su Haikuo, that Suya. In front of Su Haikuo is Shu Haikuo, that is, the father of Shuya, a big star. The reason why he rushed to the future was that he heard Xu Li say that his daughter had not settled the matter of agency cooperation until she left Songjiang! Shuya's explanation is very simple, just saying that Mingyang is very careful about the selection of agents, especially the agents in Hong Kong. Shuya did not have a showdown with Yang Ming in the end, so she did not use that private relationship. Shu Haikuo is angry. He hates his daughter for not having a showdown with Yang Ming. It's now or never. If he is robbed by others, Shu Haikuo will cry. Therefore, Shu Haikuo did not care about anything else. He hurried to Songjiang by plane in the early morning, but still did not catch up with his daughter's journey. When he came to heaven and earth to inquire, he knew that his daughter had been away for several hours. Shu Haikuo was at his wits' end, intending to find Yang Dahai, but when he came out of heaven and earth, he suddenly saw Yang Ming! The reason why I know Yang Ming is that Xu Li secretly gave him Yang Ming's photo. So Shu Haikuo was able to recognize Yang Ming at a glance after many years. Seeing Yang Ming, Shu Haikuo was overjoyed. He felt that it was more convenient to communicate with Yang Ming than with Yang Dahai! The person who likes his daughter is Yang Ming. Yang Ming will take care of himself without looking at the monk's face and the Buddha's face, but Yang Dahai is different. He ran against him in those years, and now he goes to beg him again. It would be strange if he could agree! Are you Uncle Sue? Xiaoya's father? Yang Ming held back his inner agitation and asked Su Haikuo. Yeah, I didn't think you'd recognize me. That's great! Su Haikuo said with a smile, "I haven't seen you for so many years. The young man has become so tall and handsome." Now Su Haikuo asked Yang Ming for help, and naturally he did not hesitate to praise Yang Ming. And now Su Haikuo is really very fond of Yang Ming,silk ficus tree, can not help but look like a talented person, and the family background is good, to be his son-in-law is really perfect.