The biography of Mansfield

Katherine versus Virginia Woolf's first impression faded away Their friendship unfolds in the studio The old Sobiniowski came again and at his urging Catherine began to translate a play by a Polish writer with him Through introductions from Huxley and Strachey she also t S Younger poets Eliot met once or twice 。 In fact a few days after Gaston read Prufrock she met Eliot at a dinner party She wrote to Otelline describing the St John A night at Hutchinson's house Among the guests are Eliot Robert Graves and Roger Fry 。 This time "Mary" is the hostess and "Jack" is the host At the end she said Oh my God these parties! In retrospect they were all very good but when they participated they Catalystsa felt extremely boring Mary of course spoke highly of Roger Fry and Robbie Ross He stared at Graves glanced at Eliot and from time to time drifted across the table where Mary was sitting Merle and Max The conversational voices of Pilpom and Sir Curson 。 Jack in a white apron cut that roast and look very English Poor Eliot grew paler and more silent In the middle sat Graves who kept talking about what he had said to the sergeant what the soldiers had said to him how he had forced them back with his pistol and so on I didn't like the young man at all and in fact I wanted to contradict him and tell him that a man speaks only when he has something to say; and I thought he was stupid and insensitive about war and dull when he talked about how to water down beer I left with Elliot Past rows of smelly houses behind private fences cats in heat scurrying down the middle of the road and a waning moon in the sky I like him very much and I don't think he is my enemy In another letter she captured Eliot's expression with the lightning speed of her fast camera "I want to talk to you about Sasson" I want you to laugh at me and Resp for staring at Aldous and his brother in khaki And the time spent by the elegant French poet Eliot I'm wondering if I can go to Gaston next weekend ?” "Resputin" (possibly referring to Sobiniowski) A few years after her death Otelline wrote that she had often heard Catherine insist that artists were different and felt inferior In retrospect she remembered that Catherine never forgot her duties as a writer "just as Queen Victoria never forgot that she was a queen" But because of her lack of insight she was unsympathetic and contemptuous She was confused by the sincerity of the people and "did not know how to treat them" Once she told Ottlin that she didn't know when she was acting and when she was living and said "Do I still have my true self China Chemicals Suppliers " But behind all this in her magical New Zealand childhood there seems to be a mysterious refuge where her "true self" once had an innocent child One day in April at Hogarth House Virginia Woolf opened a parcel of printing in the dining room John Hutchinson (1879-1971) British journalist and editor of the Daily Telegraph newspaper Robert Graves (1895~?) English poet novelist and critic Served as an officer in the First World War His main works include "Farewell to Everything" "On English Poetry" and "Golden Fleece" — — Translation Note ③ Robbie Ross (1869 ~ 1918) a British writer art connoisseur Adhesives and good friend of the famous writer Oscar Wilde George Merle (1852-1933) Irish novelist and playwright Sir Curson (1859-1925) was a British Conservative politician Sasson (1886 ~ 1967) a British poet is famous for his anti-war poems and autobiography in the form of novels His representative works include The Road to Peace (poem) George Memoirs of Sherston (Autobiography) etc
After the translation she told her sister that she was going to see Catherine Mansfield "Maybe get a short story from her" The only applicable manuscript was of course "Aloe" now treated for the first time as a short story in its own right and given a new title "Prelude" at Murray's suggestion The whole work has been streamlined and condensed and the dilatory parts and dialogues have been deleted Here's how Nanny used to comb Beryl's hair when the girls were living together in Miss Birch's flat in Aloe Vera It's the memory of Catherine and Ada in Miss Wood's flat But almost every time this happened it didn't work out What did Nanny do She would suddenly grab Beryl's hair and hide her face in it Kissing or putting her arms around Beryl's head pressing them against her firm chest sobbing "You're so beautiful you don't know how beautiful you are-how beautiful!" At this time Beryl felt very frightened and couldn't help looking at Nan Fry felt an extreme physical revulsion "That's enough that's enough thank you you combed it beautifully good night Nan!" She didn't even try to hide her contempt and disgust Strangely Nan Fry seems to understand that She even expected this answer but she never argued just walked awkwardly out of the small room perhaps whispering "forgive me" in the doorway What's more amazing is that the next time Beryl let her comb her hair and let it happen again Stupid thing between two people They always end up in the same way and during the day they don't say a word globalchemmall.com