The housekeeper was not very clear about the situation. It was sent by the florist. It only wrote the name of the recipient, but did not write who sent it. After the distributor delivered the blue roses here, he left after the doorman signed for them. He really just came to help deliver the flowers. Although the housekeeper did not know the specific reason, but the young master's words or to respond, he looked at things, explained: "The florist left after delivering things, and did not mention who sent it." "Xiao Zhao is very popular," Ye Zhen said with a smile and a soft voice. "Just a few days after he came back, someone pursued him." Her words reveal a strange feeling of Yin and Yang. On the surface, she is praising Ye Zhao, but in fact, she is giving her eyedrops, trying to make Ye Zhao's father bored and even dissatisfied with her. Others are quiet at home, but how can you make so many troubles when it's your turn. Ye's eyes flashed slightly, and he gave a little part of his attention to Ye Zhen, and his heart was inexplicably unhappy. Even though he did not want to think so badly of a girl, it had to be said that Ye Zhen's words did seem to be deliberately provoking trouble. Sure enough, after hearing her words, Ye Fu's frowning brows became even more ugly. He looked at Ye Zhao and seemed to be about to open his mouth. Then Ye Xi raised the bouquet in his hand and said with a half-smile,metal trim manufacturers, "Will you die if you don't speak?" Ye Zhao reached for the flowers and looked at her quietly. Then she smiled quietly. She nodded earnestly: "Indeed, I am different from some people. After all, there are some things that others can't take away even if they want to." As if she had not understood Ye Zhen's strange words just now, she sincerely accepted her praise and made a mockery of it. You Ye Zhen's face changed, and then she said with grievance, "Sister, how can you talk like that? I never wanted to rob you." Flowers are in front of us,aluminum tile edge trim, the strange blue petals cover part of Ye Zhao's face, her face behind the bouquet, look indistinguishable, with a kind of inexplicable strange beauty. Ye Zhao smiled again. Her tone was innocent. She asked in reply, "I'm talking about some people. Why are you in such a hurry to sit down?" Do you feel guilty? She smiled and lowered her eyes to hide the irony in them. Ye Xi did not have so many scruples, directly laughed out loud, "so ah, some people are self-sentimental!" He picked up the information book that had been neglected for a long time and said to himself, "It's better to read more books than to spend so much time all day." I just didn't point at Ye Zhen's nose and say she was uneducated. Ye Wei, however, nodded his approval of what Ye Zhao had just said: "My Zhao Zhao is naturally the most special, and no one can replace him." This sentence is equivalent to a direct slap in the face of Ye Zhen, erasing her existence. Ye Zhen heard this sentence, stainless tile trim ,stainless steel tile edge trim, the whole person's face changed, snow-white, she did not expect, always a gentleman modest brother in order to defend Ye Zhao, would be so straightforward, without mercy to her, almost put her face on the ground to step on, let her feel ashamed. Ye Zhao is the most special. What about her? She doesn't want to compete with Ye Zhao, but is it useful not to compete with Ye Zhao? In her previous life, she tried so hard to stay and please everyone, but what happened? She was still abandoned. But Ye Zhao, she only needs a word, she only needs to say "tired" in front of the two brothers, or just show them a smile, they can hold everything in front of her. She worked so hard for so long that it was not easy for Ye to treat her with a special attitude. As soon as Ye Zhao came back, she was completely beaten back to her original shape. Fu Ning, Ji Shan is like this. They are the same way. Ye Zhao is so special that no one can replace him. Isn't it because she has the blood of the Ye family in her bones? Isn't it because she is the granddaughter of Gu Jia? Without all this, what is the difference between Ye Zhao and her? "That's enough." Seeing that they were making a lot of noise for a bunch of flowers, Ye Fu stopped them discontentedly. Ye Zhen turned her face sideways and silently shed tears.
The servant next to her felt a little unbearable, but when she thought that she had enjoyed so many years of happiness in the Ye family, while the real young lady had suffered so much outside, she felt that such a small noise was nothing at all. Ye Zhen is spoiled, will not be able to stand such a big gap. From the daughter of a rich and powerful family to the child of a village woman. Such an identity gap, she felt aggrieved, but where can these compare with Miss Ye Zhao's suffering in the countryside. Why didn't you say'enough 'when Ye Zhen was acting out? Ye Xi did not want to let it go. Father Ye only felt that his authority had been challenged. He threw the newspaper to the other side, looked at his youngest son reproachfully, and scolded him: "Your mother is still resting upstairs. It's better for you to make a noise below.". Her body is not good, need retreat, this is to make in front of her, take these small things to disturb her?! You don't think your mother's illness is serious enough, do you? If he used other reasons, Ye Xi was not so easy to forget, but when it came to Mrs. Ye, he did not seem so justified. Ye Xi looked upstairs, where there seemed to be a faint sound of his mother coughing, even if he was dissatisfied with Ye Zhen and his father's partiality, but if he really disturbed his mother, first of all, Ye Xi felt sorry for himself. He withdrew his eyes coldly and turned over a few pages of the book irritably, but he could not read it. The housekeeper listened, his feet were weak, but he dared not leave first, so he could only continue to wait. Ye Wei noticed his difficulties and asked him to go about his own business. The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly thanked him before he went out. [He always knows when to use what excuse to achieve his goal.] 007 listening nearby,tile trim factory, he couldn't help sighing with emotion. [This General Ye is really an out-and-out businessman.] He was not so concerned about his wife's illness at ordinary times, but every time he used it to press his son, he always used such a reason. Because he knows how much his children care about their mother.