Black Tiger went on to say: "My father did not agree, so I killed my father. Although I protected my father and killed him, my father did not run with me because he was seriously injured. He forced me to leave by suicide, but he died in the hands of Po." As he spoke, the black tiger covered his eyes and began to cry. Snow feels a little uncomfortable, after all, who can be ruthless, the black tiger lost his father, in front of the blood relationship, how to fake? He cried so sadly that Snow naturally felt his sadness. She patted Black Tiger on the shoulder, took a deep breath and said, "Don't worry, Black Tiger. I will help you get revenge.". At the same time, also let limestone see, even if the warriors are not, the authority of the Lihuo tribe, is not his kind of person can challenge! As soon as these words were spoken, Hazel and Toto both felt the majesty of Snow, which was the same as that of Ji Thief. The hostess of the Lihuo tribe wants to be like that more and more. All right, Black Tiger, you have a good rest, hurry up to heal the wound, don't forget, limestone father and son are still waiting for you to kill it. Snow whispered in comfort. The black tiger kowtowed forcefully,ultrasonic welding transducer, tears floating in the corner of his eyes, and said loudly, "Yes!"! Lord Snow! "Well, you rest, and I should go back." With these words, Xue turned around and walked away. Bai Lian made a gesture to send her out. When she came to the door, Bai Lian pulled Xue and said softly, "Lord Xue, if you don't think about what I said before,sonicator homogenizer, Li Ya's character is really inappropriate." Hearing this, Xue smiled softly and patted Bai Lian on the back of her hand, saying, "Don't worry, Lord Bai Lian. Li Ya is all right. After you left just now, I told you that Li Ya succeeded in the First World War and directly beat back more than one thousand limestone rebels with one hundred troops. Moreover, nearly two hundred people were killed and captured." Bai Lian looked straight at the snow and wondered, "What's wrong, Lord Bai Lian?" "Are you lying to me, Lord Xue?" Said Bai Lian. Snow: ".." Is also speechless, good to say bad to say comfort, finally is to let the white lotus reluctantly believe the matter of Li Ya's meritorious service, this just separates to leave. There was nothing to say that night, and the next day, he rode to the front early. Shamu, on the other hand, personally led twenty clansmen of the Ministry of Military Strategy to escort the carriage of supplies to the front line. Xun rode his horse so fast that he arrived at the front that evening. He told Li Ya what Xue had said. When the latter heard about it, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, he was full of joy: "Did Sister Xue really say that I could come at will?" Seeing this, Asuka couldn't help giving a sigh. "What do you want to do, Lord Liya?" He asked. Li Ya is bashful: "I also do not want to do what, it is too long after the last war, my hand is a bit itchy." Bird: ".." Isn't it only two days after the end of the battle? You just chased the limestone yesterday morning and had no place to run. It's, it's been less than two days. Asuka is speechless. "I think it's been a long time, too," said Li Ya. "Don't pretend, Lord Liya," said Asuka. Just tell me. How are you going to play? Liya murmured, "I want to raid the limestone in the Round Valley Mountains at night." Asuka's eyes were all round: "No!"! Tonight? Li Ya nodded and opened her innocent eyes. "No?" "It's not Lord Liya. Our reinforcements haven't arrived yet." "It was because I didn't arrive that I went on a surprise attack. If I arrived, it wouldn't be called a surprise attack. It would be called a decisive battle." Asuka cried out in his heart: "Lord Liya, we have a path to defend now. The limestone rebels can't fight. If we go out of the path, we won't have a defensive advantage. We may not be able to do it because of our small number of people." Li Ya took a contemptuous look at Asuka: "Or you are so timid. When we were dealing with the Gaoyan tribe with the thief in Tianchan Plain, twenty or thirty of us dared to launch a surprise attack on hundreds of them. Would it be different?". All right, don't say it. It's useless to tell you this. How can you possibly understand what it means to seek wealth in danger.
” Asuka asked Liya, "Do you know, Lord Liya?" Li Ya stuck out her tongue. "The thief didn't explain it to me. No, we're not looking for questions and answers here.". All right, Lord Xue has said that I will fight according to my mood. I am the chief general. I have decided to let everyone eat something to nourish their strength later. Be careful not to eat too much, or they will vomit when they fight later. Asuka twitched at the corners of his mouth and looked at Li Ya and said, "You, it's all right if you're happy. I'm going to get ready. The imperial department plus the clansmen of our tribe, well, two hundred people, are enough for a surprise attack." Hearing Asuka's words, Li Ya hurriedly stopped him: "Hey, hey, hey, who said that two hundred people had gone on a surprise attack?"? Don't you know that too many people will be exposed? This time, I will take the Imperial Department with me. There are so many prey in the Round Valley Mountains that we have to get some back anyway, and we can't just eat the food we saved before. As soon as the bird heard it, it became anxious. Isn't this nonsense? Even if it's a raid at night, you're still carrying a hundred people. There are eight or nine hundred enemies. Isn't this nonsense. What else did Asuka want to say? Li Ya said directly, "What are you afraid of? Yesterday I took twenty people to attack successfully. This time I took one hundred people to look up to him. Do you understand?" Afraid that Asuka would say something to stop her again, Li Ya took out the token of Snow directly and said, "Nuo Nuo Nuo, watch it. Sister Snow gave me the token and said that no matter what, you must obey my orders." At the sight of this, Asuka was so weak that he could only hang his head and said, "Well, all right, Lord Liya, I'll do as you say, but I have one condition." "You say." Li Ya said. If there is a surprise attack, I will go too. You are afraid that too many people will be exposed. How about we divide into two teams to attack? Although Asuka was talking, there was no sense of discussion in his tone. Immediately, Li Ya Er: "Well, divided into two teams on two teams, I also let you see, what is the opposite of the surprise attack doubt life." Said, Li Ya excitedly point up to go, find what to follow, you ask him why,ultrasonic dispersion machine, find then said to avenge the people, and, he can also try to control the hunting group to help.