"Granny Li." "What are you doing here?" Asked Wang Yuyan in surprise. Where's my mother? The silver-haired old woman said with a smile, "Your ladyship is in charge of the village, so as not to take advantage of the situation and let the old man take the young lady back." The other leader, who was different from Bao, laughed and said, "Miss Wang, don't worry this time. Granny Li will be able to save you." Wang Yuyan looked at a few eyes, looked behind him, showing a look. As soon as Bao saw it, he knew it. "Miss Wang's son has something to do," he said with a laugh. "He can't come back in time. Let me take the lead and help Granny Li." "Cousin.." How is he? Wang Yuyan asked with a red face. Don't worry, Miss Wang! Bao Buha laughed. He cast a sidelong glance at Xiao Yuesheng and said with a smile, "My son is invincible. Who can beat him in today's martial arts world?!" Granny Li snorted disapprovingly. Wang Yuyan shook her head: "This time, cousin's trouble is not small. The Beggars' Sect has come up." North Qiao Feng South Murong, since with cousin equally famous, this Qiao gang leader must be very fierce! Bao gave a heavy snort and said coldly, "It should be called South Murong and North Qiao Feng. Your son is naturally better than that Qiao Feng!" Wang Yuyan frowned gently: "Cousin's dog-beating stick method and the Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon have never been learned. I'm afraid it's dangerous to fight against Master Qiao. Brother Bao, you should go to help him!" "Miss!" Granny Li poked the dragon head crutch heavily, and her face was unhappy. Granny Li. Wang Yuyan suddenly dumb, gently called out, dare not say again. Granny Li didn't even look at the bag. "Miss," she said lightly,stainless steel 304 pipes, "now that you've said you're not allowed to associate with the young master, don't think about him any more." Wang Yuyan looked at the silver-haired old woman with a coquettish tone: "Granny Li..." With a loving look on her face, Granny Li shook her head and said with a sigh, "Young lady, madam is your mother. Of course it's for your own good. It seems that the young master is a romantic man, but he's not a good match." Wang Yuyan felt shy and blushed. She took a quick look at Xiao Yuesheng and bowed her head in silence. Hsiao Yueh-sheng kept his eyes closed slightly, as if he were meditating in samadhi, ignoring foreign objects and letting them talk to his parents without disturbing them. At this time, he opened his eyes,side impact door beams, eyes Zhan Zhan, in the silver-haired old woman's body swept, gently jaw head, showing a smile. The silver-haired old woman's internal force was very deep. Among all the masters he had ever seen, her internal force was the best, and she was not inferior to Duan Yanqing. He turned to ask Wang Yuyan: "Yuyan, is this mother-in-law the first master of Mantuo Villa?" Wang Yuyan turned her head and glanced at him. She nodded and said in a low voice, "Granny Li usually guards the Langyu Pavilion. She can't go out of the village." Although the two men spoke in a low voice, the internal forces of all the people in the field were not bad, clear to the ear, and there was a look of surprise. Looking at this situation, the young lady did not seem to have been taken away, but seemed to have eloped. Granny Li's face changed and she said in a deep voice, "Miss!" Wang Yuyan turned her head in astonishment and saw that her face was heavy and sober. She turned her head and stared at Xiao Yuesheng, showing the color of reproach. Xiao Yuesheng smiled and shook his head. "Yu Yan, precision welded tubes ,side impact door beams, do you think these people can take you away?" Wang Yuyan clenched her lower lip, hesitated, and shook her head. Xiao Yuesheng's martial arts, she has quite a bit of understanding, the internal force is very deep, and there are six pulse sword, as well as sound attack magic, as long as he drinks, enough to stun these people. Xiao Yuesheng smiled and said, "Let them go. I don't want to do it, so as not to hurt the harmony." Then he closed his eyes again and remained motionless. The people of the Murong family were ready to move. They all felt despised and were very angry. Although they were servants, they were masters. If they were put in Wulin, they could all run amuck. How could they stand such anger?! The women of Mantuo Villa were quiet and motionless. Most of them were young women with calm expressions, as if they had no temper. They only looked at the instructions of the silver-haired old woman. The silver-haired old woman stared at Xiao Yuesheng for a long time. Then she turned her eyes to Wang Yuyan and said slowly, "Miss, let's go!" Wang Yuyan took one look at Xiao Yuesheng, bit her lower lip, shook her head and sighed, "Granny Li, I can't go with you.." "Why is the young lady afraid that I can't defeat him?!" Granny Li smiled. Wang Yuyan slowly nodded and sighed. Granny Li laughed, picked up the dragon's head crutch, walked slowly forward, came to Wang Yuyan, staring at Xiao Yuesheng.
Xiao Yuesheng closed his eyes and kept his breath motionless. When he seemed unconscious, her shadow had fallen on his face. Granny Li. Wang Yuyan called a worried face. Granny Li sneered, "Miss, let's go back and see what he can do to stop me!" Wang Yuyan hurriedly shook her hand and motioned her not to say any more. Xiao Yuesheng opened his eyes, frowned, and waved his sleeve. Granny Li! Wang Yuyan exclaimed, Li mother-in-law clothes hunting, the body flew up, in the air backwards, has been flying out of more than ten Zhangs, landing steadily. Her face changed greatly and she looked at Xiao Yuesheng. Just now in the air, her inner strength surged, trying to break away from control, but like a pillar of regret, she did not respond, and retreated all the way here. Wang Yuyan took a big breath and turned to look at Xiao Yuesheng, showing the color of reproach. Xiao Yuesheng smiled. "I'm not used to talking to people so close!" As soon as Granny Li poked the dragon's head, she went deep with a bang and said in a deep voice, "Your Excellency is really good at martial arts. No wonder your ladyship sent me here!" She was originally the guardian of Langyu Pavilion, and usually never left Mantuo Villa. This time Lady Wang let her out, but she didn't want to. If someone broke into Langyu Pavilion, the loss would be too great. She heard her wife say that she was only in her twenties, and her martial arts were very high, but she didn't think so. She was in her twenties, and no matter how high her martial arts were, how high could they be. At this time, she understood that it was not so easy to take the young lady back. Xiao Yuesheng smiled and said calmly,beam impact tubes, "Let's go back." Let Mr. Murong come in person to see if he can recapture Miss Wang! Granny Li said in a deep voice, "Your Excellency is like this. Aren't you afraid of having a dirty name?!" Xiao Yuesheng turned to look at Wang Yuyan and laughed: "What name do I have?" I'm sure you'll keep your mouth shut and won't say anything. "You.." Granny Li frowned and her face sank. Xiao Yuesheng turned his head and smiled at Bao. "What are you doing here again, Mr. Bao?" He asked. 。