"But you?" Her voice, which had always been soft and soothing, became stern. "Since you have feelings for her, you shouldn't be mean." "Wait!" Guan Ju Li was shocked. "Did you misunderstand? I'm not to her." "No?" Mrs. Kwan asked in reply, "If you don't like her, why should you care about her safety?"? If you don't like it, why do you say those sharp words to stimulate her? She looked complicated: "I know my son best. If he can't find a way to make her disappear from his life, he will turn a blind eye to the people and things he doesn't like." The last four words are loud. Guan Juli was speechless: How could he. Like Jiang Xianyu?! Incredible. When Mrs. Guan saw that the brainwashing was almost over, she coughed lightly: "You should spend more time with Envy Fish these days, and wait for her to leave the hospital. If you really don't want to go on, you can divorce by agreement." Guan Ju Li looked at her expression again and saw that her eyebrows were lightly locked, obviously serious. He opened his mouth and had nothing to say. After the Guan family left, Guan Ju Li returned to the ward and unexpectedly saw that Jiang Xianyu had already woken up. Turning to think, she was not seriously injured, and after talking to Mrs. Guan for so long, it was almost time to wake up. However, facing her pure line of sight, Guan Juli was at a loss for a moment. He stood by the door for a long time before he stepped forward and sat down. You don't have to avoid me. I'm not that shameless. The cold voice came, Jiang Xianyu's eyes were empty and his face was expressionless. Guan Juli was silent for a moment. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "No need!" Jiang Xianyu's voice suddenly rose, and immediately his eyebrows were furrowed. He groaned, and his breath was unsteady. "Do you know what I hate most about you?"? That's your face right now! She was a little emotional. Holding the edge of the hospital bed in one hand, she got up half of her body with difficulty. Her eyes were like a sword pointing straight at his heart: "Guan Juli, you are always so hypocritical. Since you are indifferent to me, why do you sit here and act for everyone to see?" As she spoke, she coughed and trembled like a fallen leaf in the wind. Guan Juli's heart softened for no reason. Ignoring the sharpness of her words, he got up and held her shoulders. "Don't get excited.." With a bang, the hand was opened. Guan Ju Li looked at her in amazement,asrs warehouse, originally should have no worries and irritability, but when she saw the tears in her eyes, it was incredible to fade away. Jiang Xianyu looked at her, because of blood loss and more pale face, after coughing, with a few crimson, appears unusually weak and beautiful. She pointed to the door without looking at him and said, "You go out. I don't want to see you." Guan Juli's lips were tight, and after a brief silence, he reached out to touch her shoulders again. I said don't touch me! Jiang Xianyu pushed him away and struggled to get out of bed, but his knees were weak and he fell to his knees. Guan Ju Li's face was completely gloomy, and without hesitation, he bent around the hospital bed and picked him up from the ground. Jiang Xianyu struggled in his arms, tears falling, warehouse storage racks ,push back racking system, tears wet eyelashes, pupils clear. But he refused to let go and carried her to bed. Seeing that she was still struggling, he simply reached out and pressed her wrist on top of the pillow. Jiang Xianyu was forced to hold out his chest, and the buttons of his ill-fitting hospital gown burst open, revealing an unfathomable gully and a large area of snow. Guan Ju Li stiffened all over, Jiang Xianyu was stunned and dared not move again, neither of them expected this to happen: He bent over her body, a short distance away, and the focus of his vision was the woman's sexy and seductive body. Guan Ju Li's Adam's apple moved, and his eyes became deep in an instant. Jiang Xianyu blushed with shame and indignation. "You.." he said in a low voice. Don't let go! Guan Juli, like waking up from a dream, let go of his hand like an electric shock. Jiang Xianyu secretly scolded a beast from the bottom of his heart, and he could let go of the horse? Her face was covered with cold smoke, showing a little embarrassment. She took a breath, raised her hand silently, and groped for the button on her hospital gown. But the right hand injury is not good, the movement is inconvenient, the left hand is not very flexible, a few buttons were fiddled by her, not only did not button up, but also rubbed open one. This can be good, originally exposed a lot of abundance, at the moment almost completely presented in front of Guan Ju Li.
Chapter 28 President, your character setting has collapsed (8). White to the dazzling skin, a moment constantly stimulating the nerves of Guan Ju Li. Jiang Xianyu's own clothes were stained with blood, and after changing into a hospital gown, he did not wear underwear for the convenience of examination. At this moment, under the contrast of light blue clothes, a pair of snowballs trembled, most of which were exposed. More because of Jiang Xianyu's frantic movements, the deep gully makes people nosebleed rush. Guan Juli stared at her silently for a moment, and before Jiang Xianyu became angry from embarrassment, he suddenly stretched out his hand and tied buttons for her one by one. He moved carefully, but his fingertips still inevitably touched his skin, and the blush on Jiang Xianyu's cheeks became more and more exciting, and the whole person was covered with a layer of lazy color. Guan Juli endured the heat in his ears and the strange in his body. He quickly tidied her up. Then he breathed a sigh of relief and tried to calm down: "Don't move any more." This refers to her previous push and hit to get out of bed, the words out of the mouth, but two people at the same time thought of the broken clothes button, the atmosphere suddenly ambiguous. Guan Ju Li felt a little stuffy in his chest and couldn't help loosening his tie. Jiang Xianyu bit his lip and said in a dumb voice, "Why don't you go.." "You need someone to take care of you." Guan Ju Li frowned. Jiang Xianyu sneered, not knowing whether to say it to her or to himself. No, please go. She buried her face in the pillow, and her long dark hair covered her cheeks, revealing only the delicate curve of her chin and the slender neck. Guan Juli had a headache, not knowing whether it was for her resistance at this moment or for the shock of her body and mind. But he couldn't have left her behind,heavy duty rack manufacturers, could he? The next morning, Jiang Xianyu opened his eyes. Guan Juli had already gone to the company. Feibai sat beside her bed with a frightened face: "I heard that you had a car accident when you went to me?" Jiang Xianyu glanced at her: "You think too much, we don't make an appointment." Liang Feibai: ".." 。