Company Profile
Wenzhou 101 optical Co. Ltd was established in 2011 and we are one of the most distinguished and fast-growing manufacturers in Wenzhou China. Our factory own an area of 60000 square feet and have more than 100 skilled workers currently.
All our glasses are created from premium materials including acetate and stainless steel and injection. Now the capacities of our production lines as below,
鈼?Sunglasses 鈥?output 200,000 pieces
鈼?Optical frames - output 100,000 pieces
鈼?Reading glasses - output 300,000 pieces
With the expanding business ,a group of talented people that are expert in every aspect of the glasses manufacture join our company.
Currently our major departments including :
鈼?Production Department
鈼?Development Department
鈼?Quality Control Department
鈼?Sales Department
In order to meet the requirement of our clients, some of the major social audits such as Smeta, Walmart , CVS, COSTCO,BSCI have been passed in our factory.
Further more all our eyeglasses are tested in our accredited laboratory to ensure compliance with all relevant international standards. Our laboratory owns all kind of most advanced testing machines in the eyeglasses industry.
As an innovative manufacturer, we are continually striving to improve our products while satisfying the diverse needs of our customers. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve where fashion glass is concerned, we have enhanced our production processes and are well prepared for what future of glasses trend towards.
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Sunglasses, optical frames, reading glasses
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Since all our glasses are made in our premium factory-WENZHOU 101 OPTICAL , we are able to have our products tested in an accredited laboratory to ensure to compliance with all relevant international standard. And making customer 101% satisfaction is our business philosophy.Custom Angular Safety-riding PC Or CP Men's Sunglasses