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The Loggia in the BWC morphs from an entrance way, to an art gallery, to a sophisticated Coffeehouse in the evenings!  End your week or begin your weekend at our casual, cozy Friday evenings with live music while you feast on the art works on the walls. Bronxville’s Al Hemberger, popular performer and director of The Loft in Bronxville, is the host. Minimal fee of $5.00 includes coffee and munchies; additional donations for the musicians accepted. Future dates: March 16; April 20; May 18; and June 15. Please call the BWC for more information.  914-337-3252. Address: 135 Midland Avenue at Tanglewylde, NY 10708

FEBRUARY host will be Bronxville Alum and former student of Al Hemberger, Miles East (aka Jonathan Ellinghaus) who will be guest-hosting an evening of fantastic music.” Lily Ellinghaus and duo Glenwood will also delight the guests with their performances throughout the night.

Miles East a.k.a. Jonathan Ellinghaus

“[Miles East] loves music for the same great reason we do—a tune can change your outlook in a matter of moments—dissolving despair, raising spirits. Speaking of good vibes, that’s exactly what we’re getting from Miles East’s debut record, Ghosts Of Hope.” —Pen’s Eye View

His songs roil with hopeful hellos, conflicted goodbyes, hard exits, and harder entrances. His characters move cautiously and thoughtfully, torn by the unsettling truth that actions can be both a positive and a negative force, even simultaneously.


When a song has been “Glenwood-ified” audiences know they’re in for a treat. Rather then performing popular songs as written, New Rochelle favorite Glenwood likes to put their own spin on them and the crowded Westchester venues on the nights they’ve played are evidence enough that they’re on to something.” Whether they’re breathing new life into the songs you know by heart or introducing you to ones you didn’t even know you liked, an evening with Glenwood is an evening well spent.

Lily Ellinghaus

A singer/songwriter since she was eight years old, she already has what many would consider an impressive body of work.  And although currently a freshman at New Rochelle High School Lily’s music is beyond her years. With deep introspective lyrics, soulful vocals, and haunting melodies, listeners find themselves surprised and transported simultaneously.

135 Midland Avenue at Tanglewylde Ave, Bronxville, NY 10708

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